September 29, 2023

The 2022 Midterm Elections

The 2022 midterm elections have been the election that many have waited for. A lot was at stake and if the election results showed anything for Texas, is that Texas is far from turning blue.

One of the biggest races for Texas was the race for Governor between Greg Abott and Beto O’Rourke. Texas decided that it wants to keep the conservative views of Abott. Even with the events surrounding Uvalde, where 19 students and two teachers died at Robb Elementary School, and the abortion laws that recently passed, this still wasn’t enough to keep Abbott out of office.  Abott said, “We started this campaign in South Texas, we celebrated my primary victory in South Texas and tonight we return to South Texas to celebrate my being your governor for four more years.” Who knows what these next four years will hold.

One of the results many are waiting on is who will control the Senate? The republicans control the house, but results are still pending for if Democrats or Republicans will take the majority. Georgia is a key state that will be a major factor as the senate race is headed for a runoff in December between Senator Raphael Warnock (DEM) and Herschel Walker (REP), the former NFL player who has been in recent controversy regarding the two abortions he paid for, false claims about his business and education, and domestic violence allegations.

Trump has been a major supporter of Walker and has been very active in helping those like Walker campaign. Trump, who has yet to officially announce his run for the presidential bid in 2024 is strategizing for his “comeback.” A major win for democrats is John Fetterman (DEM), who flipped the seat when he defeated Dr. Memet Oz, who was “Trumps chosen candidate.” This was a great win for democrats as everyone is waiting on the results of Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. Depending on who will take majority, this could impact President Biden’s plans for the rest of his presidency.

When it comes to Harris County, there were a lot of democrats who won their seats. According to Harris Votes, there were 2,575, 270 registered voters as of October 27, 2022. How many of you registered voters actually went to vote? One of the major races for Harris County was Harris County judge. Lina Hidalgo won after a close race with Republican Alexandra del Moral Mealer, who had a lot of major supporters like Mattress Mack who poured a lot of money into her campaign. The Democratics in Harris County did well this election winning key seats, and it has been said that Beto O’Rourke “won the county by more than nine percentage points over Governor Greg Abott.”

Regardless of the outcomes from this election, there are still many issues that this country still must resolve. For one, we are still a nation that is more divided than ever. We are a state that is divided more than ever. There are still many issues surrounding racism, women’s rights, inflation, gun control and so much more.


Texas-State Major Races


Harris County Major Races


Tarrant County Major Races


Bexar County Major Races


Greg Abbott (REP)-Governor

Dan Patrick (REP)-Lieutenant Governor

Ken Paxton-Texas Attorney General (REP)

Glen Hegar (REP)-TX Comptroller

Dawn Buckingham (REP)-TX Land Commissioner

Sid Miller (REP)- TX Agriculture Commissioner

Wayne Christian (REP)-TX Railroad Commissioner

Lina Hidalgo (DEM)-Harris County Judge

Marilyn Burgess (DEM)-Harris County District Clerk

Teneshia Hudspeth (DEM)-Harris County Clerk

Carla L. Wyatt (DEM)-Harris County Treasurer


Tim O’Hare (REP)-Tarrant County Judge

Phil Sorrells (REP)-District Attorney

Alisa Simmons (DEM)-Commissioner Precinct 2

Manny Ramirez (REP)-Commissioner Precinct 4


Peter Sakai (DEM)-Bexar County Judge

Joe Gonzales (DEM)-Bexar County District Attorney

Luke Warford (DEM)-Railroad Commissioner

Mary Lou Alvarez (DEM/Inc.)-Texas 45rth District Court Judge Bexar County

Michael Mery (DEM/Inc.)-Texas 144th District Court Judge Bexar County






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