Reader Feedback: A matter of ‘Pride’

This letter was sent to African-American News&Issues, forwarded from a person who took issue with one of our articles. Dear Pastor Davis and Church Leadership, Hello, I am Rev. William Crabtree, Minister of the Gospel from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, where Rev. Otis McConico is the Senior Pastor. As a Preacher of the Gospel, I am concerned that many are not standing for Jesus Christ, as they should. One way you and your church are not standing for Christ as you should is that you are buying ad space in the periodical, African-American News & Issues. On one hand, the periodical typically gives a liberal democrat-centric political viewpoint (not a biblical viewpoint) on whatever subject it is addressing. Mixed in with that political point of view is their idea of Afro-Centricity (again, not a biblical viewpoint.) But most importantly, they give blatantly unbiblical viewpoints with their subject matter. Case in point, African-American News & Issue, Dated July 4, 2021, Vol. 26, Issue 23. Their front page cover story entitled, “Pride” gives blatant support for unbiblical and immoral homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle. Which, in the article, is called gay, Gay Pride, queer, gay affections and LGBTQ+. Not only does the article wholeheartedly support this unbiblical lifestyle and behavior, the author of this article is planting seeds in the minds of the readers, that if embraced and accepted, will grow and result in the readers also supporting the Gay Pride Lifestyle. This periodical is inside of churches and it’s inside your church, since you are buying ad space in it. Also, no other churches should be displaying this periodical because of its unbiblical stance It doesn’t make sense to call yourself a Bible-Believing Church but at the same time display and support this unbiblical lifestyle. The Bible is clear, all sin is an offense to God. The Bible is also clear that the homosexual, queer, Gay Pride and LGBTQ+ lifestyle is a sinful lifestyle! (See Romans 1:18-32) Churches must not agree with, nor support this sinful lifestyle and they must not support periodicals that support the Gay Lifestyle! Plainly said, since […]

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