SB 1: Black vote under attack again

By: Roy Douglas Malonson Here we go again, the Republicans are scheming to find more ways to attack the Black vote and they are using the “law” to hide behind. The election reform bill that sent Democratic lawmakers leaving their states and heading to Washington in an effort to stop it has been passed on to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s desk after the state House and Senate gave approval on Tuesday. We all know that Abbott is a Donald Trump fan and is hell bent on stopping any minority – or Democrat – from seeing any forward movement. Abbott and his antics are trying to take us back to the Jim Crow days, and Senate Bill 1 is just one way of doing it. It is clear, Republicans are still angry that the Black and Brown votes were powerhouses in last year’s historic election, helping to “undo” the mess this country made by allowing Trump to become president. People just automatically assumed that Hillary Clinton would gain the presidency that they did not vote as they should, and we see the outcome from that disaster.  After four long years of Trump, people dismissed fears of the COVID pandemic and did what was needed to be done to keep Trump from getting a second term. Now, in retaliation, Republicans in fear of losing their positions are trying to undermine the system and create obstacles for the people who became “gae changers” in the face of adversity. SB 1 is expected to do several things, including ban 24-hour voting, drive-through voting, unsolicited applications for mail-in ballots and will change protections for poll workers, among other things. Abbott says the bill will “solidify trust and confidence in the outcome of our elections by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.” Here’s a quick snapshot breaking down of the bill, as outlined in the Texas Tribune: Ban drive-thru voting During the 2020 elections, voters were allowed to cast ballots from their cars. That will no longer be allowed. Harris County was first to test this method during a summer 2020 primary runoff […]

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