September 26, 2023


Award-winning poet, author, and editor Kwame Dawes, PhD

PRESS ROOM: Kwame Dawes and the Poetry Foundation Reintroduce American Life in Poetry

Award-winning poet, author, and editor Kwame Dawes, PhD hopes new readers will connect with American Life in Poetry by finding columns that are approachable and speak to their interests, particularly for new poetry readers. With over 60 different themes that can be combined while searching, users can find a poem that speaks to gardening and unrequited love from the archive which includes more than 800 poems.

IN MEMORIAM: Legendary Civil Rights Icon C.T. Vivian Dies at 95

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “Some thoughts on the Reverend C.T. Vivian, a pioneer who pulled America closer to our founding ideals and a friend I will miss greatly,” Former President Barack Obama wrote in a statement. “We’ve lost a founder of modern America, a pioneer who shrunk the gap between reality and our constitutional ideals of equality and freedom.”

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