Response to Statement Made at the NAACP Banquet

I am told that at the NAACP Banquet on Friday night, October 25, one of the speakers said that all Preachers had sold out, politically. I personally question and challenge this statement because he does not know all the Preachers, and he does not know me. Yes, this speaker sounds like a plantation, handkerchief southern Negro from North Carolina that showed his ignorance and disrespect for those persons of Black churches that helped him get elected. I am not surprised to hear that our local elected officials, our Mayor, Sylvester Turner, our Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson-Lee and our Congressman, Al Green, led the jumping up and giving high fives in support and endorsement to that statement. I am a preacher of 75 years in the pulpit and Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church for 61 years at 90 years old and I have never sold out to any politician, but I am sold out to Christ Jesus and the King James version of the Holy Bible. If I am guilty of anything, it is giving my life work working my butt off to help Blacks that aspired for public office get elected and have not received a “thank you” and have not done a very good job with the positions they were elected for; the Black people are still in dire need of help. I may not be wrong to state that most Black politicians that have gotten elected and serve in different political offices in government have been bought, at the expense and over the backs of their Black citizens. For most of them were poor or in the small middle class before election and today they are all close to being rich if not millionaires and their constituents and communities still suffering for basic attention. Most Black politicians help other races and groups and ignore their own. You, elected officials, must remember you are not the “Boss” of Preachers, churches or communities, but the representatives. Rev. F.N. Williams, Sr.

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