September 26, 2023

Street Art for Mankind

Street Art for Mankind, a global nonprofit run by co-founders Thilbault and Audrey Decker, takes great pride in promoting Art for Social Change. They have traveled the world, allowing visual artists to share their art worldwide. Right here in Houston, they have worked with local artists and artists from around the world that have come to Houston to create these ginormous murals that have an essential message for everyone. Big Art, Bigger Change Murals, is an unprecedented series of 29 large murals curated by Street Art for Mankind and created by prominent international and local artists to amplify social and environmental justice in Houston and beyond. The murals beautify downtown and transforms it into “The New Street Art Destination.”

Big Art, Bigger Change” is a collaborative project between Central Houston, Inc., and Street Art for Mankind. The project was partly funded by TotalEnergies, a global company with a Houston office, and conceived by Harris County Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis, who represents the downtown area. Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis is a self-proclaimed visual art enthusiast and takes great pride in the fantastic larger-than-life extraordinary murals that tower thought out Houston’s downtown.

This extraordinary collection of murals on Houston’s commercial buildings covers more than one mile of downtown and was created to promote the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, including green energy, human rights, social equity, and education for all. Each mural is accompanied by a plaque with a QR code linked to Street Art for Mankind’s free “Behind the Wall” app, which explains each piece and provides connections to local service organizations. This unique outside art museum tour is a great free field trip for any family to enjoy the beauty of art with a purpose. Check out the details of this outside museum at


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