September 26, 2023

Smart’n Up Black Male Summit

Young Black males are our diamonds in the rough that we must mold, support, and help polish to ensure the successful future of our culture. Black men are sometimes not given second chances if needed and often, society assumes the worse and expects the least from our young men. We know as a culture that our Black men are amazingly brilliant and talented. Our responsibility is to make sure our children have the knowledge, tools, and information to be their best self in the classroom, the public, and in any situation, they may find themselves in. I felt proud, excited, and grateful for the exceptional Black men who were a part of the summit and willing to share priceless knowledge with the young men in the room.

Brother Deric Muhammad, the author of the empowering book New Rules, has captured the tools our young Black men need to survive and thrive in our world today. We can no longer depend on a society that doesn’t value our young Black males’ greatness.

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