Slaves Didn’t Get Paid

Before the longest U.S. Government shutdown in American history was recently ended, modern day Americans got to “kind of” understand and see how slaves felt when they didn’t get paid for working.  
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By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

Before the longest U.S. Government shutdown in American history was recently ended, modern day Americans got to “kind of” understand and see how slaves felt when they didn’t get paid for working.  Although Trump signed the recent bill to re-open the Government (after he closed it), it is obvious that he only opened it because of the tremendous pressure put on him from “True Americans” of all races, religions and political persuasions.

People not getting paid to work seemed like one of the cruelest and most inhumane things that one could do to a person.  As cruel as it may seem, it’s nothing new.  Historically speaking, African-Americans experienced these unnaturally cruel and evil feelings for hundreds of years in the United States of America.

Trump has allowed the world to see modern-day slavery; where educated Americans were working every day and not getting a dime.  We all know the people who were really supporting this shutdown are people who have large amounts of money and are not living from paycheck to paycheck. However, we have a lot of Trump supporters who are broke and are very happy he re-opened the government.

Remember, they were like the “Plantation Owners” who were mostly rich White folks who also controlled the poor White broke immigrants (overseer of slaves) who brutishly handled and forced slaves to work.

Finally, the truth is openly being revealed to the world that Trump is completely insensitive to the needs of Americans.  It can clearly be seen, as long as Trump and his supporters who are close to him are not having financial hardships which keeps them from paying their bills, feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads, they are alright with the shutdown.  In return, with him knowing he has support, he always brags about how many Americans are in love with him and his administration.

As a true American, I have to tell the truth about Trump and how much damage he has done since he became the President.  As a man of God, if all of the information that I’ve been writing about Trump since he became President was “Fake News”, then I would lose my credibility, not only as a journalist and an activist, but more so as a man of God.  Everywhere polls and opinions have been taken during the shutdown, it has shown that the vast majority of Americans blamed Trump for the shutdown.  

We are at a sad time when public servants are treated like public slaves.  Because these people were not paid during the shutdown it was plainly seen by everyone, this was not a good way for a nation that is a true democracy to treat its citizens.

I’ve repeatedly compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of World War II, who disrupted the world.  Germany did not have the option of impeachment.  Even in America, where impeachment had been an option, it was not invoked during the Slavery Era.  It took a Civil War to change the evil ideology of slavery.

But, it’s a new day for America, we now have the power as Americans to stop anyone or group of people who work people without paying them from doing this practice.

Trump truly didn’t respect those workers who didn’t get paid during America’s longest Government shutdown in history.  His recent shutdown represented slavery for modern day Americans, especially those who worked for the people of this Nation!  At the end of the day, the people who supported this last shutdown have the same mentality that the Plantation Owners had.  History has shown that those governments that abuse their citizens with tactics like those seen with our last “Government Shutdown” always collapse.

Slaves didn’t get paid, WE are not slaves, and modern-day slavery cannot and will not be our destiny. We demand to be treated with respect by our American leadership!  God Bless America!


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