September 27, 2023

“Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired…”


By Roy Douglas Malonson

Some people may remember Fannie Lou Hamer from back in the day. Her response from being asked why she supported equal rights for Blacks after the Democratic Party disallowed seating for Black delegates from Mississippi at the party’s National Convention in 1964.; has become a theme for people from all over the world.

Her most profound words, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” has been used throughout generations to describe the overwhelming feeling of trying and trying and the results still remaining the same.

The phrase, “Sick and tired of being sick and tired” can apply to many situations. In my case, I am sick and tired of co-existing with the many ills that have continued to invade our fortress. I have a serious concern about the future of our communities. Although much thought and consideration is going into effect to accommodate the entrance of other races and cultures into our historical neighborhoods; I have a problem with our people still suffering.

I keep placing emphasis on the fact that what is happening now in real-time is merely history repeating itself. Everything that we are witnessing now within the Black race has already been done before. In some ways, it is just a different face with the same old game plan.

We MUST Understand there is and can never be a complete community without safety first. I remember in 1989 when we launched the Acres Homes War on Drugs initiative. During that time, we stood strong and rallied together to combat the drug war that had taken control of our community. Even in the face of being in harm’s way, leaders, residents, elected officials stood united in the fight. Though things did get ugly, I can honestly say the scene that existed within Acres Homes in that era is completely different now. The mission was partly accomplished through the unity of those who had gotten, “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

There was a time when we tried to shield our children from the “street-life” because we knew what awaited them in that area. However, things have changed now. At the present, parents are placed in a situation where they are like playing, “Russian Roulette” on making a decision to allow their children to be educated.

We MUST Understand, we can not sit idle and wait for those who do not look like us to give a damn and correct the problems which exist in our backyards. It is our responsibility to take a stand and become proactive in the things that affect us. It is one thing for one person to be sick and tired alone. But, imagine if the majority all got sick and tired of being sick and tired at the same damn time. I bet things would change. It is time out for talking and complaining and time to step-up and make a difference.


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