September 29, 2023

Selection at the Election

By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

The challenges Americans will face in the 2020 presidential election will require that, “We the People” be together on our “Selection at the Election”.  Our current POTUS has made so many negative governmental resolutions which have divided and damaged America.  Subsequently, even as I’m writing this article, the government is still in a partial shutdown, which has resulted in many government workers going through a time of trouble.

It’s a true fact that the majority of Americans, by far, don’t want to see our American government shut down.  In an earlier meeting with Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, prior to the shutdown, Trump told them and the world that he would take the blame for shutting down the government.  This is one of many incidents that point to the need for new leadership, therefore, our selection at the 2020 election must be based on what we have witnessed on a regular basis from this POTUS.

With the Democrats now controlling the U. S. Congress, the possibility of impeaching Trump has become a real plan that might actually happen.  If this process doesn’t occur, we as citizens have to make the right Selection at the 2020 Election.

As bad as it sounds, sometimes it takes devastation, destructive, interference, as well as devious behavior and malicious activities from our American leader to motivate the voters.  Americans of “good will” with their vote can defeat a “bunch of lies” told by Trump to his followers at his political rallies.  Shutting down our government, the threats of doing so many other dangerous events are part of Trump’s “Plantation Mentality”.  Remember how former plantation owners embraced a “build a wall” mentality for the sole purpose of making the most money while taking advantage of their workers.

Even though Trump has put America in over $2 trillion dollars of debt, it doesn’t seem to matter to him or the people who think as he does.  It appears the real goal is to put Black people, Brown people, poor White people and immigrants in a place dedicated for them, which is at the bottom of our society.  Even many of his staunchest supporters stand in awe or maybe even fear because they don’t know what crazy thing, he will do next.  While this government is shut down, we will need to take a closer look at this president.  Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, you can clearly see through “Trump the Imposter” who always fraudulently and corruptly pretends to be someone he isn’t.

When the new freshman U.S. Congress Woman, Tlaib, a Democrat recently used a curse word at a meeting where she was talking about impeaching Trump, he criticized her for using cuss words while he has repeatedly been cussing out men, women and immigrants in front of the world during the past two years and even before he became president.

I will end this article by saying, “If Trump was going to lose money by shutting down the government, it would never close!”

If we can’t impeach this president, then the “Selection At the Election” in 2020 should be for the Democrat who is running against Trump.  God Bless America!


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