September 27, 2023

Secure Our Southwestern Border

To: African-American News & Issues:

On my honor, I’ll do my best to do my duty to God and my country and I mean it. After living in California for 11 years, I have seen first-hand the tactics and demeanor of the people, countrymen and immigrants, both legal and illegal. What I learned is the spirit of Pablo Escobar is present and prevalent among the citizenry and their elected or selected officials. The spirit of “accept the gold or receive the bullet”. This ultimatum has corrupted government and community officials for decades undergirding the Illegal Criminal Alien Invasion that has OVERRUN our Southwestern border states.

Fruit of this corruption is blatantly presenting itself by insisting we as a people do nothing to defend the integrity of our communities and nation. No Patriot would object to providing for the safety and security of the people of our nation. Furthermore, there have been no residents of our Southwest border states who face the onslaught of this present and for decades ongoing Illegal Criminal Alien Invasion rallying in protest of more protection and hopes of security from a BORDER WALL. Rationally, no Patriot would.

But, my fellow countrymen, we are under attack by those of Europe and Asia who wish to destroy us and the hope we provide for the world by using the Cartels and peasants of Central and South America to invade and break down the structure and cohesion of our nation from the inside.

Who do you think has the power to organize and provide for these so-called Caravans across multiple countries in this hemisphere, none but the Cartels of Central and South America? As has been boasted many times before; our enemies cannot defeat us from the outside, but, they have sworn to destroy us from the inside. And they are playing on our “love for fellow man” to deteriorate the fabric of our society.

My friends, my countrymen, my family members, we have yielded enough. Resist this onslaught against our integrity. Preserve a home and pleasant place for living for our posterity.

M.E. Goodwin

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