September 24, 2023

Reversal of Fortune: What happens when things are not decent and in order…

When things are not decent and in order the fun is in bold capitals- dysFUNctional.

Family dynamics act like rivers flowing uphill. When parents yield to overbearing children because they feel guilty about saying NO, chaos and destruction take their place on the stage.

In high school English literature, Shakespeare through the drama Julius Caesar leads the reader to take a deep dive into the themes of fate and destiny.

The gripping line spoken by Cassius to Brutus– The fault My Dear Brutus, is not in our stars, it is in us …slapped us in the face.

Another illuminating deep dive reveals what happens when a land is caught between a dragon and his wrath.

King Lear decided to let two of his flattering and conniving daughters take power.

The third daughter decided not to play the kiss up game and was disinherited. She told her Dad that she only loved him as much as a daughter should, no more, no less.

Chaos and destruction enter the room when un-elected children and immoral dwarfs are given power without having the competencies to govern. They then become unaccountable and big-headed.

Meanwhile fools and crazy subjects see clearly that the rulers are unhinged and trending towards madness.

The late Curtis Mayfield, America’s Gershwin of soul and popular music referred to them as uneducated fools from uneducated schools.

Before King Lear is abandoned and banished into the storm, he had become a worse king because his delusion led him to think that because unemployment was down, and the stock market was strong his base supporters regarded him as a good king.

Just over 200 years ago, George Washington and Crispus Attucks decided that King George had struck out and had to leave the game.

These men were the adults in the room and could not live under a power drunk king that could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with the crime.

Reversal of fortune happens when there is reversal of proper and decent order. Did King Lear make his daughters his mother?

Back to Shakespeare. Shakespeare is only talking about thug life. If you understand Thug life you will appreciate and understand King Lear. When the shoe fits, wear it.

Checks and balances are needed to counter egomaniacs. Co-equal branches are needed to counter rogue superstars.

David Ruffin
’s gravel and soulful melodic voice will live forever through My Girl, but in the eyes of the people he will never outrank the Temptations.

By the time David understood this truth, it was too late to unring the bell or put the genie back into the bottle.

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