September 29, 2023

Real Talk: Children Are Our Future

I just wonder if our people noticed…So many people, if they are playing a hip hop song by the average hip hop artist. If their pastor come knock on the door, they will try to hurry up and turn that song down or off-and for good reason. It’s already bad enough that the artist isn’t delivering a good message. I like something that I heard in the Malcolm X movie, “When a man doesn’t have enough intelligence to put a word in a sentence, he will use profanity.”

Seems like so many forget where hip hop originated. It was “RAP”! It was the Sugar Hill gang, Heavy D., Whoodini and others that were rapping; spitting real talk lyrics-songs that our people could say, ‘Hey this is our stuff!’ But not only that, eventually our young, uneducated (no high school diploma) short, fat, ugly, cock-eyed, nappy-headed youth found a way to earn money with this thing called RAP; to the point even if they had a criminal history; even without a father to raise them, these dudes were becoming millionaires.

There are a few things strange about country music, Blues and Rap. Most of these artists use bad grammar. But the fans, for the most part, use bad grammar. And at the end of the day our people had something they could call their own and earn good money without committing a crime. Didn’t the Bible warn you that Satan is busy? First, they changed the name from Rap to hip hop. Mostly the CD business is dead. They tried download cards, but they couldn’t figure out how to sell them. “I” know how to sell these download cards.

Then everyone knows that “children are our future”. So, hip hop artists market lyrics in their messages saying using drugs is cute; that committing crimes is cute, and our children follow this “STUPIDITY”! Our children will either end up dead, in prison, poor or on parole. And even if he completes his parole, he will not be able to successfully support a family. Their children will be our children’s parole officer. Our children’s judge, bailiff, attorney, mayor, president…do I need to continue? All of these positions that WE cannot have because WE have a criminal past, was NOT just a coincidence. But, a MASTER PLAN! Yes, planned by the “MASTER” long before old slavery ended. Yes! We are now in the new slavery. And Yes! This new slavery is far worse than the old slavery. The old slaves knew they were enslaved and had hopes of freedom.

So, where do we go from here? Stop The Silence End The Violence, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit organization, here in Houston, Texas is busy with songs/lyrics that pastor can jam to, your 3-year-old can jam to, and even your 99-year-old grand mama can jam to, ya heard? Even some of my song titles Ice Cube, Mystikal, and 50 Cent won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Like Don’t Get Da Dope, Don’t Get A Felony etc.…

We are strongly considering a label, but all artists are NOT welcome if they use profanity or in cahoots to do that get you in prison hip hop stuff. We are in the process of obtaining enough donations to better our communities, our state, our America, our world, and our children. After all, “Children Are Our Future”.

Thank you for your valuable time to read.

Al Johnson Sr., CEO/Stop The Silence End The Violence, Inc.

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