September 29, 2023


(Los Angeles, CA – September 22, 2022) – Today, AXE® premieres a series of animated digital vignettes starring award-winning artist, Lil Baby. Featuring three episodes in total, each piece takes fans on a fragrance-led journey through some of the rapper’s most distinct memories associated with iconic AXE scents. Drawing inspiration from some of Lil Baby’s favorite childhood animated series, as well as Japanese anime, each story is depicted through vibrant animation that feels straight out of a comic book.

Smell is said to be the strongest sense associated with memory and recollection, and has the ability to trigger vivid autobiographical memories. Here, we see this coming to life with each episode opening with Lil Baby sharing thoughts on the Apollo, Cool Ocean and Phoenix AXE fragrances, leading to him reminiscing on unique memories associated with each scent.

“I’ve always been a big fan of anime,” said award-winning artist, Lil Baby. “So having AXE turn some of my intimate memories and thoughts into an animated mini-series is kind of surreal, and I hope fans enjoy it as much as I did.”

Lil Baby takes fans on a scent-inspired journey through some of his most personal memories, showcasing the rapper like never before – touching on his first performance, his ambitious mindset at an early age, and his transition from budding rap artist to mogul. Intertwined throughout most of Lil Baby’s stories is the power of fragrance and the impact it has on his superstar persona and self confidence.

“Anime is hugely popular with our audience, including Lil Baby himself! This inspired our team to create three distinct versions of Lil Baby in a way his fans haven’t seen before. They visualize how the fragrances have always been a part of his journey in a fun and engaging way.” said Caroline Gregory, Global Brand Director, AXE at Unilever.

Each episode features traditional character animation, 2D motion graphics and countless unique background designs combined while referencing footage from Lil Baby’s biographical documentary to create an authentic likeness.

To watch the series, fans can visit AXE’s YouTube channel HERE and follow @AXE on TwitterTikTok and Instagram for additional All Axecess related content.

Axe Shorts (including key Lil Baby quotes):

Cool Ocean – airing 9/20 on AXE’s YouTube channel

“My signature scent will be very rich. I’m like a regular person, and I’m a superstar!”

Phoenix – airing 9/20 on AXE’s YouTube channel

“This is the one I’ll wear with like a button up, when I’m trying to look sophisticated. It’ll have that impact, so

that way, anytime you smell it, you’ll think of me.”

Apollo – airing 9/20 on AXE’s YouTube channel

“When I feel fresh, I feel my mind is more clear and I feel like I can focus on the task better.”

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