September 30, 2023


By: Black Pepper

It is worthy to note that the SPEC’s empire of 200 stores in Texas has answered the call by POTUS Joe Biden and the American people to assist in ending the war in Ukraine and stop the dictator Putin.

On Saturday, March 26 SPECs joined with a solidarity effort at its flagship Louisiana store to promote the cause of freedom and independence for Ukraine. Now that a near genocide is being perpetrated against the Ukranian people, it is time to pump the brakes on the Stoli. Vodka is often mixed with ginger beer, lime and cranberry juice.

As some of our Black celebrities promote Russian vodka, pregnant women and children are being maimed and killed in Ukraine by the dictator Putin.

Our Congress and the President have put a boa constrictor vise grip on the Russian gas station economy that has nuclear weapons through powerful sanctions that threaten to cancel their economy. Vodka and other spirits are being put into inventory at Spec’s. According to owners, Ms. Rydman and her husband they decided to do the right thing event if the right thing subtracted from their balance sheet Ms. Rydman said that the husband wife titans were proud to support these measures.

Adding Pan-African support to the SPEC’s direct action peaceful instore demonstration was a Nigerian woman. Ms. Layo Emmanuel has lived in Ukraine for eleven years and completed her medical school studies. She is on a path to become a physician in the United States. Along with Ms. Emmanuel was her talented 11-year-old daughter that speaks fluent Ukrainian. Her daughter, Sophia is focused on becoming a gymnast in the Simone Biles tradition. Ms. Emmanuel said that there might be some issues of color in Ukraine, however during her 11-year tenure she was treated well and did not detect racial bias.

We have flexed Black sanction muscles before to end governments that devour people. During American styled apartheid, Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin and Black people broke the back of the color sick Montgomery Alabama Bus System by refusing to ride in favor of barefooting and carpooling. After the unjust system collapsed, many of the obsolete buses were sold to a fledging transportation system in the fair city of Houston, Texas. Black people punished the racists via a boycott, also known as a sanction.

Sanctions are in order as a direct-action tactic to support a larger strategy to limit or win a war. Consider that the City of Houston withdrew hundreds of millions of pension dollars as part of a global movement to crush apartheid in Southern Africa. Councilmember Anthony Hall and McGowen worked with the activist community to withdraw the gates for South African Airways in Houston. Students from local universities drove the South African consulate out of Houston. A few activists went to jail, but they knew that freedom had a cost.

Diva songbird Stephanie Mills, star of the Broadway hit, the “WIZ” faced hundreds of picketers that insisted that she repudiate her travel to apartheid South Africa or face a shutdown. Ms. Mills relented.

Sanctions, intelligent selective buying can put the Black community on the right side of history.  Party, but party in a righteous intelligent way.

President Biden has imposed unprecedented sanctions. Selective buying doesn’t ask for blood. A little discipline will send an unmistakable message to dictators that dare bomb a maternity hospital and a children’s hospital ward.

This is BLACK PEPPER, if Hennessy was manufactured in Russia, we need to boycott Hennessy. BLACK PEPPER urges you to join with McDonalds, Starbucks, EXXON and a few hundred companies who refuse to do business with invaders and mass murderers.

President Zelensky says, we will fight on the sea, in the air to defend our land.   Know that the Rylands will not sell Russian Vodka and liquors at any of their 200 stores.

Until the war is over, and the sanctions are lifted, NO RUSSIAN MULES.



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