September 27, 2023

Protect Our Youth

We all know that our young people are our future in America and as such, our youth will be operating with other young people that are not only of this nation but of other nationalities in the future. This is why it is so important that we put our best foot forward now!

This means exhibiting our best behavior “in front” of our youth who will one day, in the very near future, be in control of the world.

Unfortunately, with President Trump displaying so much reckless, irresponsible, overbearing, racist dictatorial governmental behavior, we as “true Americans” must be greatly concerned about how our young people are interpreting, accepting or dealing with the obviously wrong misunderstandings they are currently seeing.

If the young people of America and the world are inspired to imitate Trump and hope to become a leader like him, then the world will be in a lot of trouble in the future. In my mind the Trump supporters who are still backing his “actions of evil” are not looking at the violations of laws that he is committing, nor are they considering the message that he is sending our youth. When these adults don’t speak out or react to Trump’s wrong doings, they are not doing the “right thing” for America or our future leaders. Every time I see or hear Americans standing up to Trump, I’m definitely inspired and motivated by their show of courage and their true loyalty toward America.

Their open opposition to Trump is very important to our young people. If they don’t ever hear or see any opposition to Trump, they will think that what he’s doing is the right thing and they will eventually try to imitate his unstable mindset and “sick vision” for what makes our country great. The racist ways he displays his programs and his comments about issues that divide Americans must be exposed if we intend to “Protect Our Youth”.

I often hear some people say that they have a problem with Americans removing racist statues of Confederate soldiers, generals and flags from public places in America. Well, if we love and want to “Protect Our Youth”, then we must change any situations that divide, endangers or disconnect our American youth. It doesn’t matter that some of the people who oppose our American Democracy are rich people who look like they are living very successful lives; we really don’t know how they got their wealth and what they are willing to do or are doing to keep it so that they can stay in power. What we do know is “for lack of knowledge our people will perish”!

The facts show that we are receiving a lot of “Fake News” from Trump and his crew of supporters, while the good side of America shows that it is run by decent loyal brave God respecting people of all colors and backgrounds. These Americans who love our nation are doing the right things to assure that our future will be great! They are truly committed to our nation and they will “Protect Our Youth”. God Bless America!

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