September 26, 2023

Perception Versus Reality

If an individual perceives something to be real, it might only be real in his sight and mind, not universal reality. In the twenty-first century, Christian Right Evangelicals and The GOP who are making things seem right only through perception, by seeking to make wrong, right, and right wrong. This is why (73+) million Americans were hoodwinked into believing what they are being taught and told as the TRUTH, rather than what Godfearing Americans know spiritually, because: “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8: 28). Sadly, it is only perception based upon lies, lies, and damn lies. America, know this, everything thing outside of loving God, obeying His will, and loving your fellowman as yourself is perception.


For example, the GOP has vehemently been seeking to convince some fickle-minded Americans that climate change is a hoax, but its only perception based upon lies. The GOP wants every American to wholeheartedly believe that you need a gun, and more guns for protection, but it is all perception. In America more individuals are dying, because of the availability of guns than ever before, especially military-style guns than at any time in the history of American society. Sadly, our children have become the innocent victims of our gun crazy culture. The GOP desires that Americans believe that you can legislate morality, but the question of questions is, whose morality?

Law and order in American society are about perception, not about Truth and Justice for all, because Lady Justice is not color-blind. Former President Donald J. Trump is a classic example of an individual who has violated almost every criminal law on the books. Yet, he is still a free individual, still telling lies, lies, and more lies. However, Godfearing Americans desire to believe that the wheels of justice grind ever so slow, yet ever so fine, but in due time Donald J. Trump will have a Godly encounter with justice. If any other President or American citizen committed crimes against the state, they would not
be in jail, but under the jail, especially President Obama.

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