September 30, 2023

Parting the Waters: Mindset for 2020 and Beyond


Over 150 years ago, Black people left slavery landless and penniless. Our families were fragile, but our compass pointed true north. We had a vision to control our destinies and chart a course of moving from plan to planet.

Today, we have millions of young Black men purposing their lives to be shot callers, gangsters, pimps and players. By and large we refuse to marry mama and act as responsible fathers to our children. Millions of our children are looking at the world and saying that “the sea is so large, and my boat is so small.” No single action that contributes to Black wellbeing is as critical as fathers building and reuniting their families and being the primary role model for their children.

Most of the poverty in America is women and children. Many brothers will not acknowledge paternity even after the DNA speaks.  In 2020, let us begin to distance ourselves from Maury and Jerry Springer: children are the reward of life and we must be proactive and defuse the deadbeat bomb.

Stable families are the basis of a strong community. Let’s stop kicking the can down the road, we must advocate marrying when the conditions are present.  It’s a pulsating beat underneath MAMA TELL ME THE TRUTH- PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE. The beat is hypnotic but so is the electronic clanging of prison cells closing.  It is strong to marry a woman that you love and weak to be a rolling stone and having your home wherever you lay your hat at the end of the day. It is strong to try like hell to keep a promise and honor an oath. It is powerful to NEVER ABANDON YOUR CHILDREN.

Mommy and daddy can decide that the road they are traveling is not able to carry them to their destination. Then they can decide to pave a new road. Once children are born, the music changes. When the music changes, the dance must change. Personal selfishness must disappear in favor of the best interest of the children. Children are the reward of life. There is a proverb in Africa that says that when a man or woman is hungry, she feeds her children. Yes, children first.

Sage J.T. says that the downfall of too many men is the upkeep of too many women. One of our SANKOFA goals for 2020 is to begin to build generational wealth. Land, homes, gifts through trusts and wills, stocks and bonds must seamlessly pass to Kwame and Pennie. College and trade school should be planned and paid for in advance of future generations. Generational wealth will prevent the detonation of the debt bomb. Malcolm X was prophetic when he said that debt was a modern form of slavery.

Most players end up with a nickel and a nail in their pocket because they thought that JT was blowing smoke and selling wolf tickets. Men must say to men – STOP SWITCHING WIVES AND COMPANIONS if you desire generational wealth and the good life.

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