September 24, 2023

New Rules: If you appease the mob, they will destroy the republic

There are certain actions that change the course of history. How we respond to the September 6 insurrection may well determine the viability of a short experiment in representative democracy known as the United States of America. If the response meets the moment, we may add another 250 years of life span to an exceptional experiment.

I am one that believes that even if history does not repeat itself, history rhymes. There is historical precedent for the September 6 Commission, SHAY’s rebellion, 1786. Keep in mind that the 13 fledging colonies did not have a real constitution, only the Articles of Confederation. Understanding the underlying reasons for SHAY’s rebellion and the medicine prescribed for the sick patient will help us emerge from this dangerous and tricky situation.

Daniel Shay was a farmer and veteran of the War of Independence from Great Britain and King George. Shay carried a bullet in his leg from the war and he shouldered oppressive debts to the local merchants. Merchants and their class flunkies opposed bankruptcy declarations and debt relief for the backbone of the country. Merchants wanted repayment and when Shaw and thousands of other farmers asked for relief and leniency, they got the same treatment that the Hebrew children received before pharaoh. MAKE BRICKS OUT OF STRAW. The aggrieved farmers ignited a popular revolt by farmers. They seized statehouses and prevented confiscation. This segment ends when the merchants finance and empower a private army to crush the rebellion.

George Washington came out of retirement to help form a strong federal government in order to stop internal rebellions and secessions. There was a rethinking of what is needed in this moment, mainly new rules to overcome weaknesses that lead to insurgents destroying the system.

Washington and the federalists realized that they would have to open a can of whip ass to save the system from collapse.

The argument is that insurgents Bannon, Trump, Miller and the white supremacists must endure the wrath of the Justice Department and the American people. Their grave digging actions are unconscionable. Defecating on the hallowed floors of the capitol, displaying signage of Camp Auschwitz and Confederate flags means that they must be thwarted before they can fully lock and load. Many of us have not forgotten that 11 million people are dead because of a lost cause Nazi idea. This cobra cannot be charmed into its lair. September 6 was a dress rehearsal for Fort Sumpter II. Sumpter II will ignite the civil conflict that they desire if appropriate remedies are not adopted. Yes, we were that close to losing our democracy.

The loonies, mostly Republicans, are preparing to make the country ungovernable by 2024 by putting legislatures in place that will refuse to certify the vote and decertify state electors. These plans can be defeated if Black people, people of color and the white allies out organize, over perform and out vote those who want to turn evolution backwards. Specifically, this means that everyone who is eligible in our family and community to vote must lean in and vote for the forward leaning. Do I have to be explicit? VOTE BLUE!

Beto O’ Rourke for governor of Texas will stall the anti-democracy forces. These are the lunatic forces that want to fuse District 9 and District 18 in Texas and have Congressman Al Green and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to oppose each other.

Next on the agenda is for Biden-Harris to achieve the Build Back Better Act. Even if there is not one Republican House of Representative to support BBB. Then, we pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voter Rights Act.

Hopefully, the Democrats must understand that the wolf is at the door, and they must stop the self-cannibalism in order to not become a meal for the wolves. Rep. Bennie Thompson, Rep. Adam Schiff and Attorney General Merrick Garland must accelerate. The election of 2020 has given permission.

Our country can get another 250 years by refusing to be divided and opening a can of whip ass against the anti-unionists. This is the time it will take for Black people and our allies to transform this country into a MORE PERFECT UNION. We must seize this opportunity.

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