December 1, 2023

Music Matters

By Walter Marks, IV

Does music impact your life? You may not realize it, but music is a powerful resource that you can benefit from. I’m going to inform you on how music can affect your mood, emotions and everyday life.

Depending on what genre of music you’re listening to, your mood can change. Sometimes, music is a boost of confidence for when you’re exercising or doing something active. Also, if you’re stressed or depressed, you could participate in a program called Music Therapy. Music Therapy is the use of music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of a group or individual.

For example, you’ve maybe listened to a song so sad it made you cry, or you’ve listened to a song you liked so much it made you smile. Music regulates hormones related to stress and it affects the heartbeat, blood pressure and pulse. These facts prove the overall affect that music can have on a person.

You have to remember that the influence of music can also be viewed in a negative light as well. Your environment can determine what type of music you listen to. Gangs, drugs, and violence can be influenced through rap music encouraging people (specifically teenagers) to participate. These activities specifically can affect the lives of anyone who participates in it.

Another example, some teenagers who are influenced by Gangster Rap music will most likely participate in the things said in songs and could possibly do something very illegal. They’ve now wasted possibly years of their lives simply from participating in something they thought was cool or normal. Gangster Rap can also affect the lives of the rapper in the same way.

Promoting music with content that contains actions or practices that are illegal could get you arrested. That is if you’re actually guilty of such actions. For example, and upcoming artist by the name of Daniel Hernandez (Tekashi 6ix9ine) got arrested with a R.I.C.O charge and was arrested days before Thanksgiving. He is facing between 39 years to life. The point I’m trying to make is that, this case is a perfect example on how music can affect your life. Promoting what he does in his free- time through MUSIC, raised suspicion and is the main reason he got arrested.

Let this be a lesson, music should be meant to entertain, and inspire creative activities, not reckless behavior nor negative influence in our everyday life. In the earlier part of this year two of my classmates were killed in a car accident. This accident was sudden and a big shock to myself and my classmates. This was my first experience with death of a close friend, so I took to the studio to lay down a record to express my grief, entitled, “Ghost”.

The song was therapy for me and it also became therapy for my classmates. When we think our friends, we resort to the song. This song has helped us in the healing process of losing our friends. So, as you start your day off remember Music Matters, but actions reap consequences. Allow the music to inspire you and not mold or shape you based on the lyrics.


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