October 2, 2023

Multi-Sport Haenicke-Prevost

Multi-sport athletes are known to have better athleticism, various skills, discipline, and outstanding leadership development. Houston born upcoming senior Shawn Haenicke-Prevost has surely mastered it all playing every sport in the book, which has led him to be one of the top football kickers/punters in Texas for class of 2024. “A team is only as strong as its weakest member,” says Haenicke.

At the age of three, Haenicke began playing soccer, and later played basketball, lacrosse, and flag football at the age of eight. He also played baseball and did karate at the YMCA. Around 3rd grade he played soccer for Albion Hurricanes FC. He started out in recreational teams at the club, and then later joined competitive teams. Haenicke switched to club soccer around the age of nine, positioning in striker and midfielder until he was 12, which is when he became goalkeeper. Not only that, he also did track and field at Travis Elementary School. He continued track and field at Hogg Middle School, where he also added wrestling, basketball, and soccer to his middle school sports list. However, it didn’t stop there for soccer and football.

Haenicke made the varsity soccer team freshman year at Heights High School starting as a backup keeper, yet he continued to play for Albion Hurricanes FC club teams. He was able to use his soccer skills in a football environment when he started his kicking and punting position his freshman year. As a high school student, there was a lot Haenicke had to juggle such as academics, football, and soccer routines. His parents helped make this job a little easier by coaching him themselves as his father is a high school coach for various sports including football, and his mother was a girls soccer coach. Workouts such as calisthenics, football drills both at home and on the field, and team soccer practices, all pushed Haenicke to the level he is at today. But Haenicke didn’t just practice here, he also attended soccer and football camps with the Dynamo FC, and football kicker and punter camps after freshman year.

Through playing numerous team sports, Haenicke has realized that valuable life lessons come from opportunities like these, and that he can apply these lessons in his everyday life. He believes that practicing skills over and over will grant you improvement and mastery in any skill you wish to achieve.

Succeeding as a team, to Haenicke, means leadership and communication. “To succeed as a team, you need communication skills, and leadership skills,” he said. “But you also need to be able to listen, follow instructions, and encourage and help your team members.” These insights and understandings helped Haenicke become a better student in classes, and a better team member for his teams. His discipline also allowed him to favor a particular role model who has been there for him more than any coach has ever been, his mother. “She manages to excel in her job as a teacher while still being able to be there for me when needed,” he said. “For as long as I can remember, she made it possible for me to attend practices, games, and camps while being safe and loved.” Haenicke admires his mother’s sacrifices which go as far as putting her personal life and interest on hold simply just to support him.

In college, Haenicke plans to continue walking down his football journey while he thinks further about building up his soccer career. His dream of being a professional punter, yet he also has an interest in working in the medical field as a pharmacist, nurse practitioner, or as a professional athletic coach.

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