September 30, 2023

More Community Engagement Is Needed

By: Carter James

There were two community events that occurred last Saturday, and these events showed the importance of why more community engagement is needed. The first community event took place at Drew Academy, and the purpose of the event was to showcase the school to prospective students and to give resources to the community.

The “Community Fair” offered engaging STEAM activities, family resources such as financial planning, health screenings, college, and career assistance, and so much more. Kyiandra Hildreth, who serves as the Magnet Coordinator at Drew, and who helped organize the event stated, “The purpose of the event was to engage the community and showcase our school, recruit students, and provide resources that families may need.”

Cormisha Burrell, a parent who attended the event with her daughter stated, “My daughter and I enjoyed our time at the fair. She had a blast participating in the activities. She painted a canvas, jumped in the moonwalk, got her face painted, watched the various performances, and enjoyed a snow cone from Kona Ice. Let’s just say she wasn’t ready to leave yet.

The second event was the 14th Annual Family Day in the Park, which was hosted by Mayor Turner at the Sylvester Turner Park. The event provided food, resources for families, live performances from students, and different activities for kids. The event was fun, uplifting, and it was good to see people interacting in a positive way.

It is events like these that serve as a reminder of how important community events are. In the last few years, COVID has impacted everyone, and has disconnected everyone from their friends and family. As the world tries to get use to the “new normal,” community events are a good way to slowly bring some form of normalcy back. These events are also important because they bring people from all different walks of life together. At these events, you can interact with different people and make new friends. You can create new memories and build new relationships. Community events can also have a positive impact on your mental health and can put money back into the community by promoting and supporting local businesses.

Community events have a lot of benefits for the individuals that attend, as well as the community. We need more events that will continue to engage the community, create a positive environment, and uplift the hearts and spirits of everyone.

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