September 27, 2023

Modern Day Uncle Toms

By: Roy Douglas Malonson

Who are some of the modern-day Uncle Toms you may ask? They are none other than Herschel Walker, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Kanye West, now known as Ye. Each one of these individuals have been Whitewashed and programmed as puppets to help fuel the White agenda. Not every Black person is for Black people! We need to recognize this notion and take it to the polls. Voting is still one of the ways to get your voice heard.

Herschel Walker is currently the GOP candidate for Senate in Georgia. He is none other than a longtime liar who tries to replace ignorance with his own fantasies. He has been accused of multiple domestic issues and has been known to display violent behavior. Why is he still allowed to run? He also claimed to be against abortion but has “allegedly” paid a woman to get rid of the child that was his. He also lied about being a police officer. Again, why is he still allowed to run? Are the “conservatives” so desperate to keep control that they are willing to support a violent person who lies and tries to hide behind mental illness? He clearly has no respect for women, morals, or values.

Ye is another individual who continues to stay in the news. In our latest edition, we proposed the question, do all lives matter? Ye wore a shirt that said White lives matter, which upset many individuals about his intentions and disrespect. In his recent ignorance, Ye made comments regarding George Floyd’s murder and how he believes that Floyd was not killed by Derek Chauvin but by fentanyl use. Ye is now being sued by Floyd’s family for $250 million dollars for many reasons such as “defamation, harassment, misappropriation, and infliction of emotional distress, according to the attorney on the case. Many will be watching this case closely and how “free speech” will play a role in this case. Ye’s motives, actions, and behaviors are disgraceful and a true example of pure ignorance. It’s this type of behavior that impacts the Black race and the image society continues to hold us on.

Additionally, he made anti semantic comments that were very hurtful and unnecessary. His twitter account was locked and now, Ye is trying to purchase Parler, which is “a social media site popular with Trump loyalist,” according to National Public Radio. Many people watched Donald Trump get away with so many offensive comments that individuals like Ye believe that they can say whatever they want and hide behind “free speech.” Ye, a dedicated Trump support has clearly aligned himself with White conservatives and if this Parler deal goes through, he will have total control of what he wants to be filtered and what he wants to be shown, and this idea of “free speech” will be in question.

Justice Clarence Thomas, another Uncle Tom was in the news earlier this year. After everything that has come out about Justice Thomas and his wife’s involvement with Trump, Justice Thomas should have been asked to recuse himself from the case surrounding the capitol riot knowing his wife’s involvement. It’s a conflict of interest and questions the integrity of the Supreme Court. With his right-wing views and ideologies, it is people like Thomas who are turning back the hand on an inevitable changing America. With his views, many have questioned some of the decisions he’s made regarding some cases; many feel that Thomas supports the White conservative agenda and takes great pride in “making America great again.”

We can’t stress enough the importance of getting out to vote and to educate yourself as much as possible. Someone once said, “If you want to keep information from Black people, put it in a book.” Educating yourself means keeping up with current events, researching different topics, and knowing your history. Lack of knowledge is one of the things that keeps Black people down. We must change this narrative and do what we can to progress as a race. We must also pass this knowledge down to our kids so they can be informed and break generational cycles that continue to keep us down. This change starts with voting. Marcus Garvey once said, “The negro who lives on the patronage of philanthropists is the most dangerous member of society because he is willing to turn back the clock of progress when his benefactor asks him to.” With a little less than three weeks, the midterm elections are closing in. Vote early. Don’t let the modern-day Uncle Walker, Uncle Ye, Uncle Thomas, and all the other Uncle Toms control the America they want.

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