Pastor Floyd H. Flake

I would like to share my thoughts and details regarding the life of Pastor Floyd Flake.
After further research, Pastor Floyd has had many accomplishments and has become a very important person in history. It is my hope that after reading this information, you will learn more about him as well.

Pastor Floyd Harold Flake was born January 30, 1945, in Los Angeles, California; however, he grew up in Houston, Texas. He has 14 siblings. His parents were strong Christians which influence his way of thinking. His dad Robert Flake, Sr. and mother Rosie Lee Johnson were proud that he was the first member of his family to graduate from college. He married Margaret McCollins and together they have four children.

Floyd received his BA degree from Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He also attended United Theological Seminary. He has worked as a social worker and a marketing analyst at Xerox. He also worked as a Director at Lincoln University. Another great job he had was Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr Afro-American Center at Boston University. It is interesting to know that he was the President of the college he once attended from 2002-2008.

Pastor Floyd Flake was a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York 6th district. He as in office for 11 years. He is a member of the Democratic party. He is currently the senior Pastor of the Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral of New York Church. The church has over 23, 000 members and known to be one of the top twenty churches in America. He and his church have been on TV and many magazines such as BET, CNN, CBS, The New York Times and Ebony just to name a few. In 1990 Pastor Flake and his wife were indicted for fraud and stealing church funds. After further investigation, all charges were dropped. He currently has ownership in Aqueduct Race Track Entertainment. Pastor Flake is a member of several boards such as the Fannie Mae Foundation, and the Princeton Review. I was excited to learn that he is also a successful public speaker and writer.

His best- selling book is called “The Way of the Bootstrapper”, Nine Steps to Achieving Your Dreams. He and his wife wrote the book together. The book talks about needing much to succeed. If you have the mindset and a value system, you can be successful. In this book, Pastor Flake, has the enthusiasm to motivate people and teaches them to become doers and not just sit down doing nothing. He also wrote books called Practical Virtues and African American Church Management. These books can still be purchased today. He has many sermons that can be view on You Tube. Some of them Sermons are title A more intimate relationship with God, God’s Plan for your life and my mom’s personal favorite sermon is Don’t lose what you’ve worked for.

In conclusion, Pastor Floyd Flake is a man with great wisdom and knowledge. He is now 74 years old and is still a great Methodist preacher. He has done great things in his life and continues to move forward in God. It is amazing to come from humble beginnings and be this su