September 29, 2023

Living Legend: Cassie Brandley

HOUSTONCassie Brandley is a philanthropist and business leader, with a professional background in oil and gas. She has worked at Fortune 500 companies for more than 16 years of solid experience.

Cassie began volunteering extensively with nonprofit organizations in Houston in the late 90s, while she was still attending public schools. Her unwavering passion for women’s empowerment, gender equality, human trafficking, homelessness and at-risk individuals began at a young age when her biological father, Clarence Brandley, was wrongfully convicted for a 1981 rape and murder. He was eventually freed from death row, and died in September 2018.

After Cassie observed the many volunteers who helped her father, she felt the need to give back to others, regardless of their current situations.

One day, she went to Finnigan Park to work out and that’s when someone introduced her to the Executive Director of International Youth Friendship Development Program.  IYF has been around for more than 20 years. That day changed her life and she knew she wanted to help impact the lives of others.

Today, Cassie serves on the board of the International Youth Friendship Development Program with the role of Executive Director, dedicating herself to the needs of the community. She has worked on many initiatives, including Human Race 5K Walk for human trafficking, Girl Power Purse Drive, Feeding Veterans, COVID-19, and multiple service-learning programs through partnership with corporate organizations in Houston. She has volunteered with Women in Action, Narvell Ashley Chapter #20, Boys and Girls Club, Baker Hughes Veteran Golf Tournament, Feeding the Homeless, Junior Achievement, Back to School Drive, Lue Wish, Sankofa, etc. She continues to serve on several other committees.

Cassie earned her bachelor’s in business management and completed her master’s in supply chain management, while being a fulltime mother and an employer on fast track project.

Cassie currently resides in Houston with her family.

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