October 1, 2023

Living Legend: Beverly Allen Robinson

By Zion Kinniebrew, 9th grade, Cy Springs H.S.

Legend defined is an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.  So, in admiration I call to the front Ms. Beverly Allen Robinson; a legend in the ministry of the Dance.  Ms. Beverly has been a pillar in the Acres Homes Community and a graduate of M.C. Williams High School, and she has studied under the tutelage of Professor C. Lee Turner and Dr. Joeann Valley Rush.  The love and admiration for dance was ignited in the heart of Acres Homes M.C. Williams High School which currently now is a middle school.  I can say that you should never forget where you have come from because it may be the evidence that enriches the journey ahead.

It is not often that you find genuine people that have a heart for the things of God. However, so many ministries have been blessed to be uplifted through the gift of dance, song, and the arts. Therefore, following graduation Beverly began to teach praise dance at Progressive Missionary Baptist Church and Galilee Baptist Church where another legend also presides by the name of, Pastor Edwin Davis which so happens to be my Nanee’s Pastor. Passion defined is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. The passion for dance led Ms. Beverly to organize praise dance at True Light Baptist Church. My brother Khandon Kinniebrew also known as King Camo was given the opportunity to dance at an event headed by Ms. Beverly works with my mother, LaShawn Kinniebrew at the Harris County Appraisal District and has brought praise dance to their Annual Christmas Corale. There are no limits as you can see. When the call of God is on your life limits are lifted, barriers are broken, hearts are mended, and your gifts opens doors for you.

Ms. Beverly currently serves as a Praise Dance Director at the Church of New Beginnings where she leads The Angelic Faith Dancers (kids), Movement Mimes of Faith, Truth Steppers, WINGS (Women in God’s Service), and Symbols of Faith under the leadership of Pastor/Founder Michael Lee Jones.  What I Have learned is that you must be diligent with whatever your passion may be, and doors will open because of  the legends that have pushed the door that grants opportunities to come those that are willing to step out on faith and embrace the call that God has on their life.  If your passion is science, history, dance, math, song, or whatever it is that comes naturally to bring forth your God-given potential that is what you should do.

In conclusion, whatever your dream is we can learn from Ms. Beverly to take the limits off of God.  Embrace the process for you never know whose life you may inspire to do and be greater that the mind can phantom.  Ms. Beverly is a legend that is notorious in dance which exhibits a fire or passion with an intense desire for dance and the arts to uplift and catapult others to embrace the gifts within.  For your gift will open doors beyond measure.  That is why Ms. Beverly Allen Robinson is a Legend in the heart of Acres Homes Community and beyond.

Photo Credit:  Beverly Allen Robinson

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