September 29, 2023

Living In Graveyards

America has too many citizens living in graveyards: racism, sexism, and classism. Therefore, individuals do not have to be physically dead in order to be in a graveyard of their own making; physically alive, but spiritually and mentally dead. Name the ungodly “ism” (sin) and America can produce a living classical exhibit. A graveyard mentality is a death oriented mindset rather than a more abundant life mentality. Jesus declared: “I come that you might have life, and have life more abundantly”. God is the author of life and peace. The devil comes to bring lies, rob, steal, create confusion, and death. Guns, guns and more guns is the social order of the day in American society; not peace, shame, shame, shame on US.  When individuals live in graveyards they invariably become demonic and death oriented; even commit suicide in order to make the graveyard their final resting place. Question: who wants to be in a graveyard?  A graveyard is only a final resting place for your physical remains, because your Spirit is either in heaven or hell! America, it is appointed unto to all individuals once to die, and after death the judgment. Where your soul/spirit ends-up is the real deal based upon the Holy Scriptures of the Bible: heaven or hell.

Too many Americans are so busy thinking about death and instruments of death; until they cannot live in peace and harmony with one another, because: “Man that is born of a woman is a few days, and full of trouble.” (Job 14: 1). Job spiritually understood that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and all that dwells therein”. Job understood LIFE, because out of his own mouth and spiritual heart he declared: “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh; blessed be the name of the Lord.” However, Christian Right Evangelicals, The GOP, and White Nationalist Groups in their selfish desire for White Privilege do not understand nor desire to understand what Job understood; “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1: 21-22). In all of his trials and tribulations it is Biblically recorded that Job did not sin, nor did he charge God foolishly: (What A Man!). American minorities, we need to pray day and night for Christian Right Evangelicals, The GOP, and White Nationalist Groups that God bring them to themselves, and know God in them, and act accordingly.  These groups should cease living in graveyards of their own creation. Therefore, without a mindset change that is oriented toward godly inclusion the whole world is in big trouble, because America is one of the important bright lights of the world.

American political discourse is supercharged with a graveyard mentality; especially the GOP with its vile autocratic death orientation: my way or the highway. Such a graveyard language-style fosters confusion and violence. Servant leadership is about making tough choices in tough times that ensures peace and tranquility; not confusion and violence. America, this is precisely why the GOP has become a failed political party; looking for life and life more abundantly in the graveyard. Jesus told US not to look for the living among the dead. Amen.

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