Le Familia

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Dear Editor,

Saying I’m sorry ~ the family redemption

Family blood-ties are organic rays of connections residing in nestled webs of formed fitted values and traditions – cultivated only by love. It’s a prideful personalized oasis canvased by memories and reunions collaged in a shared composite indelibly reserved in the heart. No ‘wonder’ of the world is more alluring! No mountain peak haloed by the most beautifully arranged clouds reveals more serenity than the illustrious snuggled feeling of family! However, as the illustration of “Le Familia” is enormously captivating; some lack loyalty to this precious preamble! Others even relish in opportunity to endure avoidance of a brother or a sister, steal from a family member, evoke hurtful family secrets, distant mom/dad, because of divorce or sibling separatism daunted by the nerve quenching attitude of an unfavorable brother’s wife or sister’s husband.

This model’s striking pose of personal pestilences and familial discourse prides itself in avoidancecamouflage every year. Boastfully it shines as an opportune beacon clouding the silver lining of Thanksgiving or ‘grinching’ the spirit of Christmas as the convenient annual decorative center-pieced argument that carols a theme-breaker distraught! The receiver doesn’t know why the avoidance and the giver consistently eludes truth by denying the utterance of [I’m sorry].  Never apologizing is likened to continuously pouring salt into a wound!  Sustaining that beautifully architectural family-web needs healing and stroking by mental hands that massage the importance of blood-fire and mends the fissures in discourse that can plague and even perpetuate the bending or brittleness of leaves on the family tree.

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr., DC

Photo Credit:  K.D. Chandler (familyliferedemption.com)

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