September 24, 2023

Kneeling for justice

As we ‘kneel for justice,’ for those who can no longer stand, we think of the names attached to the hashtags and we ask ourselves, “when will it end?”

Sadly, we cannot answer that. But proudly, we can continue to fight.

Many could not understand when Colin Kaepernick, the light-skinned brother rocking the afro and braids, said figuratively “to hell with the NFL” as he defiantly refused to salute America’s flag and National Anthem.

They wondered why he would risk it all. They shrugged him off as an agitator who was just seeking attention. They thought he was not ‘Black’ enough to understand and not ‘white’ enough to have a voice.

He stood for the rights of the oppressed as he knelt in honor of the fallen.

As we protest with masks on to protect us from the global health pandemic, we must remember that we, as Black people, have been in a racial pandemic since being brought to this America for which we stand…one nation…under God… indivisible…or so they told us.


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