September 27, 2023

Just Do Your Job

By: Omowale Luthuli-Allen

It happened. My neighbor’s house is on fire and their disabled son is trapped inside. Good Samaritan instinct kicks in an I run to the back yard. Mommie says get my boy.

As I attempt to enter the house, the roof collapses. Oxygen pours in and produces an inferno. A fireman arrives with a helmet and protective suit with a respirator supplied with oxygen. The fireman uses an axe, pulverizes the door, and disappears into suffocating smoke. Ninety seconds later, he comes out with a 170-pound sack of humanity on his shoulder. Pay that man.

Fireman took an oath and when it was time to perform, he grossly overperformed. Often, other oath bound professionals underperform. He decided without waiting on a sergeant.

Big caliber weapons are being fired at first graders in Uvalde while they pray and call 911. First responders know that to save lives the active shooter must be stopped. Training has mandated that you can’t wait 75 minutes to go in. When paralysis sets in for first responder oath keepers, the grim reaper is free to snatch bodies of innocents.

Lifeguards must often enter currents that the strongest swimmers cannot survive, to save a life. Their job is to bring swimmers in distress to safety. Pay that man. This is what they signed on for. Therefore, you have a direct deposit.

The challenge is hard, but it is easier when you can decide at a decision point.

Do what you have been trained to do. Do what our tax dollars have equipped and trained you for. Put on tax dollar mylar protective vests and shield. Go get the anti-social personality. Send the million-dollar robot-cop to get the rebel killer.

Our elected representatives must stop denying the people FALSE FLAGG laws, whereby we can seize weapons from those that advertise their pending crimes on FACEBOOK and Instagram.

Our elected representatives must produce laws that keep weapons of war, AR 15 automatic and semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of sociopaths. Kudos to Rep. Dutton who attempted to pass a law in Texas to prohibit weapons of war in 1989. Pay that man.

The people must demand that big magazine cartridges for war weapons be abolished.

We are Monday morning quarterbacks, but you still took an oath to protect and serve even at great risk to your life. Children and mommies take priority for they are our most precious resource.

Sage Maya Angelou said that COURAGE is the most important virtue, for without it none of the other virtues can be practiced, not even the fruit of the spirit. the Active Shooter… Stop the Active Shooter.



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