September 27, 2023

It’s too early to unconditionally forgive

Did you pay attention to the supremacy sneer of the face of Derrick Chauvin as he suffocated the life out of George Floyd? It was a domination mug shot. It was a mug shot of resident evil where evil powers and principalities dwelled, rather a body that had been possessed and evil powers found a home.

We should not unconditionally give Chauvin forgiveness although the Almighty can grant forgiveness. Chauvin represents the same old gang of thugs that open the released door for Barnabus and built the gallows for Jesus. We often try to temporarily exonerate resident evil, by saying “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Our shining prince, Malcolm was on target to say, “No, they know exactly what they are doing.” History is replete with horror stories of this mob in action. The spirit of Derrick Chauvin was the spirit of Adolf Eichmann and Dylan Roof. Eichmann was instrumental in 11 million being killed and Roof was the sick young white Neo-Nazi man who coldly executed nine at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

All were sick white supremacists that were under the control of the great adversary. All have expressed NO REMORSE, totally unapologetic. He partook of the Sunday School lesson with the pilgrims and then sent them to glory. Remorse is a part of redemption and forgiveness. Have you heard that Eichmann, Chauvin or Roof went to the mercy seat and prayed the Sinners Prayer? Have they sent messages of regard to the victims’ families? Quit giving this gang a pass. The Jews never forget. Though a war criminal is 100 years old and hiding in South America, soldiers and litigators gather and prosecute him for crimes against humanity in the interest of justice and peace. The day of hell, the day of insurrection was meticulously planned by this gang of so-called patriots.

They were chomping at the bits to kill Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Al Green. Now they are pretending to be altar boys and Boy Scouts. Eight to 10 innocent people are dead because of their venom. A sick black brother in our county (Harris), David Conley, killed a family of eight. Believe it or not, he killed six kids, one of which was his own child. Where’s the remorse? He avoided the death penalty because of an intellectual disability. It is too early for you to forgive him. If his family says forgive him, then we reconsider.

Let’s first pour a libation and mourn for the children and wait on divine unction to guide us to forgiveness. What is the incentive to change murderous behavior if you instantly start singing “Amazing Grace” and chanting “Love Your Enemies.” Yes, eventually you might have to forgive, we might have to forgive, but wait on a sign that the adversary has changed and wants forgiveness.

Forgiving without change encourages reprobates. John Lewis, bless his soul, forgave the racist that beat him bloody. The attacker humbly asked George for forgiveness and the magnanimous soul of John Lewis willingly and gladly embraced this man who turned around after he realized the harm that he did.  Chauvin, Roof, Eichmann and Conley were not drunk at the time their crimes, they had a mindset of low regard or no regard for the lives of their victims. Sounds a lot like Father Jim Jones. It’s called DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE!

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