Is There a Racist Running Pershing Middle School?

Steven Shetzer – current principal of Pershing Middle School

By Gerry Monroe

I’m very vocal about racism. I can’t stomach it. More than anything, I refuse to accept it at the school level. Throughout the US, racism in the public-school system is off the chain. It’s to the point it has basically become a part of the curriculum.

If you are a teacher buckle up because it’s real. If you are a student, it becomes your reality. If you are a parent, then deal with it or move your kid. From what I see, if you can’t deal with racism in HISD, then you become the enemy.

HISD we have a problem. It’s been a problem, for a long time. Nestled in the confines of a majority White neighborhood, off Stella Link and Bellaire that problem has never left. The problem is racism on the Pershing campus. Steven Shetzer is the current principal of Pershing Middle School.

Let me show you what a racist look like, Dr. Shetzer and teachers. The good ole boy system at Pershing is working to perfection. Unqualified Whites are brought in and promoted while qualified Blacks are overlooked. Black children are disciplined at a higher rate than any other ethnicity on that campus. But HISD has overlooked this for years. It seems like local community figures have more influence at Pershing than the actual principal. NOA presidents have more juice than a School Support Officer at Pershing. How do I know this? Simple, I’ve personally had to deal with it. In 2014, My organization, The UUAA, had to work an assignment of discrimination for a Black teacher at Pershing. Dr. Shetzer has a problem with Black Female teachers.

Now, let’s talk about the abuse of teachers. Her name was Devalyn Rodgers. A highly decorated Science teacher while at Pershing was mysteriously fired for reporting grade changing pressure and racism. She taught GT Students while at Pershing. Her STARR test scores were 12% higher than the district average. Yet, she was pushed out of a job, school, and community. Racism was the reason she was sent packing. Teachers of color are definitely treated differently than White, Latino and Asian teachers at Pershing.

There will be some Uncle Tom Black teachers that will try to cover for this man. One of those teachers is Christian Renee Burroughs. A bonafide Female Uncle Tom. That carries no weight with me. See Mr. Shetzer my girlfriend’s grandson attended Pershing last year, and you tried to send this Black boy to jail for no reason. Remember Mario Albert? Yes, clown, we have experienced you in our home. So, Dr. Shetzer when I’m done you may be working at Long John Silvers. So, no one has to tell me about what you have done. I KNOW FIRST HAND!

The school to prison pipeline is real. And Dr. Steven Shetzer is a part of the problem.

Steven Shetzer is actually what I call a modern-day Klan member. A racist hiding behind a desk at Pershing.

Dr. Shetzer has done some horrible things since becoming a principal at Pershing:

He’s ran off good Black teachers for no reason.

He has also allowed a fellow staff member, who is White to come to school in Black face on Halloween.

He removed a Black Police Officer because he couldn’t get the Harris County DA to pick up charges on a Black 13-year-old.

He even stressed a Black teacher out so bad she had multiple strokes.

He disciplines Black students at an alarming rate compared to a White student.

He screams and hollers at Black students and teachers as if He is a slave master.

He refuses to meet with Black parents yet will meet with White parents in a heartbeat

Why are students of color so much more likely to be funneled from school to the juvenile justice system?

According to a VOX article, “…The presence of these school resource officers, as they’re called, means that students at these schools are far more likely to end up in juvenile court for relatively minor offenses.” The addition of school resources officers combined with existing racial disparities in school discipline help feed what advocated and researchers call the, “school- to-prison pipeline”.

Dr. Shetzer and Police Officer Fields has been at Pershing for four years. His first encounter with Dr. Shetzer was not good on about two years ago.

After being screamed and hollered at like his last name was Knite, Dr. Shetzer wanted him off his campus. He even requested a meeting with officer Field’s superior officers. During that meeting Lt. Bridges had to stop Dr. Shetzer from handling Officer Fields in an un- professional way. What Shetzer didn’t know is the meeting was secretly recorded. BOOM! The two superior officers gave the principal business cards. They even put their cell numbers on the back. Told Dr. Shetzer to call them if he had any future issues with the officer. For the next two years, not one call or email.

Earlier this school year. A Black child supposedly threatened to bring a gun to the school. Officer Fields got wind of it and went in to protect mode. The child was searched. His backpack and locker were searched. No Gun was found. Officer Fields then Called the Harris County District Attorney who refused to pick up charges on the child. The reason for this is simple. The kid never made a direct threat to the school or a person. I saw the email from the ADA explaining why. Dr. Shetzer was incensed cause he wanted charges filed. Dr. Shetzer even stated to Officer Fields that “why can’t he have charges picked up like Pin Oak?”

That’s another school in HISD. Did I fail to mention that Officer Fields is Black? Well, we know what happened next. Dr. Shetzer didn’t stop until he had Officer Fields removed.

So, what’s that you said about the school to prison pipeline? The Black officer was removed while the White slave master principal remains. Our kids are in harm’s way. According to HISD police Captain Walker officer Fields was removed to protect him. So, now who will protect our kids from being wrongly sent to jail.

Pershing Middle School Assistant Principal Dressed In Black Face

Is it true that Dr. Shetzer allowed an Assistant Principal to come to school in Black face on Halloween? Never once asking her to remove the makeup. Maybe it’s because she said her costume was a puppy on that day. BS and HISD know it. Several African-American teachers were offended by this. Yet it wasn’t until I brought it to their attention that it was even initially investigated. Just look at the dam cameras.

So, if this is the case, why is Dr. Shetzer terrorizing Black teachers? He gave one teacher multiple strokes by forcing her to come back to work while on maternity leave. Trust and believe she wasn’t ready to come back. But after threatening text messages about being fired she came back and got removed anyway.

Dr. Shetzer is being protected by who? Would it be his lead principal Michael McDonough? Shetzer has no School Support Officer. Michael won’t check him because his wife is Shetzer’s School Registrar. Will it be Dr. McSwain who is the Asst. Superintendent over this school? I doubt that too. It’s the Good ole’ boy system at work.

Lastly, will it be interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan? Now I know with all the foolishness surrounding Dr. Grenita Lathan, she must take a stand on this. I have presented several statements that back up all these claims. Will Dr. Lathan check this out of control Principal? Or will she fold to political pressure? I think she has no choice.

This is racism at its finest. This is a clear-cut case of bullying. So, Mr. Monroe will not go away. And, please don’t send an African-American in my face thinking I won’t check them about this racist. Dr. Lathan, I’m a true supporter.



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