September 28, 2023

Is Professional Football A Prison System?

By: Bobby E. Mills, PhD

The Deshaun Watson story is a classic example of spiritual freedom versus mental enslavement for money. BOB McNair the owner of the Texans Football Team openly declared concerning player protests that; “We can’t have inmates running the PRISON”. The history of the NFL is the history of rich White males who possessed hard-nosed business attributes and attitudes: all is fair in business. These businessmen where not the most sophisticated individuals intellectually, because business is about money, not morality: do them before they do it to me. Most football franchises are passed from generation to generation that is they are very seldom sold outside of family heritage. Black players make-up 73% of the NFL, and there are no Black owners. What A Coincidence? That’s just the way it tis in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Hence, the NFL is a good ole boy rich club with a Dixiecrat mentality. Sadly, NFL owners do not intend to change. Professional Baseball and Basketball did not want the change, but nevertheless they did change for the better. Unfortunately, professional football is the last vestige in professional team sports of the old Southern plantation mentality.

 Initially, Watson through his agent asked to be traded, because the Texans were not interested in winning; only making money which had been proven time and time again, e.g., Coach Bill O’Brien. The prison system owner gave Watson a lucrative hush-mouth-contract thinking that this would satisfy him and shut his mouth; but Watson desired to win a Super Bowl for the team, city/fans, state and himself. Immediately, the defaming and assassination of Watson’s character began. No doubt about it, prisoners cannot tell the prison owner NO! Consequently, Watson said he was surprised by the charges: “I know that these charges are serious, and I never assaulted any woman. I never disrespected any woman.”  After the criminal charges were dismissed against Watson in Harris County on March 18th, 2022, the Cleveland Browns introduced Watson as their starting quarterback for (5) years contractually at a total guaranteed salary of 230 million dollars. This was the most guaranteed money in the history of professional football. The Browns ownership and management said that they extensively researched Watson’s background and were satisfied that he posed no reputational or behavioral risks to the Cleveland Browns organization. Watson have could have easily satisfied the civil lawsuits monetarily; but he refuses to do so, he said let it go through the Court System. Of course, we all know that there are many individuals in prison who are innocent of crimes.

Colin Kaepernick former quarterback for the San Francisco Forty Niners was black balled in the NFL after taking a knee in protest of injustice and inequality. Black NFL players can easily bring Fox Sports to its knees because of its Fake News Alternative Facts reporting that primarily reports the news in a bias manner; especially towards Blacks and other minorities, and Democrats solely for White Privilege, because they desire something for nothing and high television ratings. President Lincoln said it best, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all people all the time.” Amen!

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