September 22, 2023

In the Name of Little Brain vs. Big Brain

By D.E. Daniels

About five years ago, I attended a high school senior’s graduation party. The honoree was a young man I knew since birth.  Guests arrived moments early to discuss the party’s agenda.  Parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings, family, and friends were among the invited guests.  Also, present were a local disc-jockey and a security officer.

As I think about a good piece of advice said to the H.S. graduate, I am reminded of the young N.F.L. player, Kareem Hunt.  My father also gave me the same “word from the wise” when I graduated from high school.  During this particular occasion five years ago, many well-wishers approached the podium/microphone offering reflections, praise and best wishes to the graduate. Songs and prayers were also offered along with gifts and tokens of love.

Many became overwhelmed with emotion as they remembered the “little boy” who had turned into a young man headed off to college.  Houston! Fathers-Mothers-Teachers-Counselors-Preachers-Coaches-Mentors, etc.  “We have a problem!”  If Kareem Hunt would have been told about “little brain vs. big brain”, he probably would not be facing N.F.L. penalties, court costs, lawsuits and family embarrassment.

To my readers, you see “the Man” has two brains.  One little, one big.  The little brain keeps you in trouble, whereas the big brain keeps you out of trouble.  The little brain will keep you in debt, while the big brain keeps you nearly debt-free. The little brain will cause you to fail class, when the big brain will allow you to make “good” grades.  The little brain will make you forget your parent’s teachings, while your big brain will have you to continue in obedience. And eventually, the little brain will put lawyers in your life while the big brain will keep lawyers out of your life.

Well that should be enough, I hope you get the picture.  What my dad said to me and what an older man said to this H.S. graduate, and what some male figure should have said to Kareem Hunt about life was “don’t let your little brain outsmart your big brain!”

As for that high school senior, five years ago, he graduated from the University of Texas with honors and is currently attending law school.  And yes!  The old school advice-it works if you “only” let the big brain be smarter than the little brain.


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