September 29, 2023

Houston Family Arts Legacy

Cortlandt Barrett, remember her name because soon you won’t forget it. She has dynamic talent with an array of theatrical experiences from Dreamgirls to The Wiz. Cortlandt has taken advantage of all the extraordinary acting opportunities that Houston has to offer and will be graduating from HSPVA this Spring to make her mark on the acting scene. We were excited to ask Cortlandt a few questions about her arts experience in Houston.

How have your arts experiences in Houston helped you on your journey to being an HSPVA Senior approaching graduation?

As a young child, my family made sure I was always in a theatre, whether it was The Ensemble, TUTS, Wildfish Theater, or Stages. HITS Theatre, specifically, became my sanctuary. There, I became confident in, not only my voice but my love for theatre.

What did it mean to you to have your God Mom come see your show & give encouragement and advice to your fellow artist friends?

Saying I felt special is an understatement. My Auntie Renee is not just a talented singer and actress, but she is also an extremely humble, down-to-earth person. It meant so much to me that she dropped everything that she had going on to come and see me.

What are your goals for your future in the Arts?

My goal is to be a multifaceted artist who doesn’t stay in just one field: not only do I want to be on Broadway, but I also want to be a published author, produce movies and television shows, and make my own music.

Thankfully, my education at HSPVA has prepared me for a diverse professional career. We are taught all aspects of theatre, making us respect how much work it takes to bring a show together. Therefore, I plan to pursue musical theatre through college, while continuing to write a novel on the side.


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