September 22, 2023

HISD Board is at it Again!

HOUSTON ISD – All I can say is damn! The last board meeting the racists exposed themselves. Sergio Lira, Diana Davila, Liz Santos, Holly Villesecca and Anne Sung became who I told you they were. They are, without a doubt, the most dysfunctional racist school board in the country.

What happened last Thursday night to Interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan was, without a doubt, racism at its finest. Now, I know for a fact it was racism. The removal of Lathan was a slap in the face. I have never in all my life seen open racism from racists as it pertains to children.

As much as everyone tries to complain about me, they have yet to own up to the fact that we have racists running our school system. And, they are destroying our school system. And, the people that support them, at this point, are racists themselves.

If you were not there let me give you a glimpse of what happened. Almost every agenda item was postponed until a later date. Why?  Because, as usual, they were trying to undermine Grenita. They will never understand, you can’t undermine greatness. No matter how many times they tried to marginalize her, she outshined them.

These people made sure that they ran thru the agenda, so they could get to the agenda item they really wanted. They wanted to undermine the good Dr., but as usual she made them look small. Now, I was at home watching this on my phone.

Then, all of a sudden, Diana Davila made a motion to FIRE Dr. Grenita Lathan and install Abe Saveedra as Interim Superintendent. I was like WHAT THE HELL?!?!


I left my house and drove to HISD in seven minutes flat. When I got out the car I didn’t know what I would do. But when I got in the board room my emotions took over. I said some things that I must apologize for. But, I meant every single word. Abe wasn’t coming back to Houston.

If you remember, I said this months ago. It was a cold calculated plot by Diana Davila to get this man back here. The big question is why? Simple. Abe allowed Diana to be who she truly was when he was superintendent before. A lot of corruption existed when he was here before. Black Schools were closed when he was here before. So why would we want this clown?

Those five trustees didn’t know they had war on their hands. Wanda Adams, and Jolanda Jones put their hard hats on. Adams accused Diana of collusion, racism and a few more things. But, as we say in the hood they gave them the business. So, everything that I have written about prior to this meeting happened in this meeting.

The hell with my delivery. I speak the truth. These people have been plotting this for over a year. Go back to early 2017. Look at the board meetings online. I SAID THAT LATINO BOARD MEMEBERS WANTED TO REPLACE THE BLACK LEADERSHIP OF HISD. I said it because they never hid their racist actions. I labeled them the Education Klan for a reason. So, was I wrong? HELL NO! So, I will say this loud cause I’m Black and I’m proud. Davila, Sung, Santos, Lira, and Villesecca ARE RACISTS. DON’T LIKE IT, SUE ME.

Your actions were not about children. It was about money. Since you care so much about our students why have each one of you neglected so many schools in your district? Why have you not attended events at Black schools?

YOU HAVE BEEN ABSENT FOR MONTHS. You have fractured our school district. You have drawn racial lines. And a bogus press conference to apologize for those actions do not sit well with the rational parents and community members of the city of Houston. Each one of you should resign immediately, but I know you won’t. So, sit there and look stupid cause our Black Elected officials, the Black community, and all communities are watching you. What does the Asian Community have to say about the mistreatment of Dr. Lathan by Asian Trustee Ann Sung? Probably nothing. They stick together as a people.

There was press conference this past Saturday at Emancipation Park. Every Black leader you could think of was there. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee was the coach. The starting guards were Congressman Al Green and State Senator Boris Miles. The starting forwards were State Rep Alma Allen and Harold Dutton. Every African-American faith-based leader in the city was there. Also, other organizations that were there was: NAACP, the BLM, the UUAA and a host of justice fighters.

It was apparent that the removal of Dr. Lathan wasn’t going to fly.  Trust me, if these five board members wanted to go to war, we were ready to take them to war.

Senator Miles made it clear that a walking quorum may have been formed by these rogue trustees. If that happened, then they are in clear violation of The Texas Open Meeting Act. I know for a fact that they did violate the law.

Now, the very next day tweets went out to say Dr. Lathan would be reinstalled as Interim Superintendent. Point blank she should have never been removed.

Dr. Lathan is your only choice now, nobody is coming here to take a job with you clowns. Dr. Lathan has taken more punches from you racists than Ali in his prime. Her grace and elegance have been unshakable. Every one of you great White/Latino hopes have failed. Yet, you keep trying to get them appointed.

You’re trying to get to the money. We know a new bond is being proposed. We know vendors are targets. We know who you racists are now. That’s why Jolanda kept saying LET THEM VOTE. So, that way you could expose yourself.

If you think this board will ever work together you are crazy. There is no trust in that room. There is no respect in that room. So, honestly, we need a redo. Our kids deserve better. To allow the behavior of crooks and racists to exist, at this point, turns my stomach. For one-night Jolanda, Wanda, and Rhonda, put our kids first. If they were going to go out they were going to go out swinging. For that, our community applauds them. Not only did they save Lathan’s job they saved a lot of Blacks’ jobs that would have been stripped from them under the new regime.

They have forced this board to get itself in order. Should TEA takeover? At this point, this kangaroo court don’t have a choice. And, for those that say no, I say this. Sit your racist behind down. You are no better than the KKK. These people have to go. If they stay you better believe black people ain’t having it. Latino leaders to cry now about black and brown unity. Until you check your people, we as African Americans don’t want to hear it. Until you ask Diana Davila to resign the communities we work with will not work with you.

I want to send a special thank you to all the politicians, clergy members, and community members that stood up for this great woman. And to all those that want to see her go, that ain’t happening. Our community is going to make sure we support her, and she keeps shining.

Line all you racists up and I promise we will take them out too. Grenita deserves respect. And, if you don’t want a protest in front of your house, at the restaurant you eat in, or the church you attend, you better get your mind right or you will have 5000 angry Monroe’s in your business.

      I labeled them the Education Klan for a reason. They are who they are. Their actions spoke volumes. The black community will not tolerate any more disrespect from you people. If you want to start a race war be careful of what you wish for. Because if the LA riots didn’t show but one thing, it showed you, you can’t handle us if we get loose. Davila, Sung, Lira, Villesecca, and Santos we are watching you and will do everything in our power to get your racist behinds out of school district business. Please stay out of our neighborhoods.  You are no longer welcomed. We are living our best lives. We ain’t going back and forth with you racists.


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