September 27, 2023

Here We Go Again

Bobby E. Mills, PhD

Mass shootings and racially motivated killings in American society are becoming common place occurrences. The recent racially motivated mass murders in Buffalo, New York are a spiritually troubling sign and reminder that American society is headed for the eternal bonfire.

America has and will always be a multi-cultural society; love it or leave it. If you decide to remain then all of US must have a “come to Jesus’ moment”; especially Christian Right Evangelicals who are masquerading as Christians but are doing the devil’s work. The GOP call themselves conservative statesmen, but are in fact, greedy self-conceited, power hungry low-life individuals who are doing the devil’s work hiding behind White Privilege (for example: January 6th, 2021).

White Nationalists cannot be helped; they must be punished to the full extent, and by the letter of the law, because if you break the law, you must pay the penalty regardless of skin-tone (Cain’s Children). Most Godfearing individuals felt that the Dylan Roof Mother Emmanuel Church (AME) killings were horrific enough, but the Buffalo, New York mass murders is simply mind-boggling. A young White Privileged Male with everything to live for, because of the color of his skin desires to kill others, who are disadvantaged because of their skin color. Sadly, the individuals that he killed were second class-citizens as defined by skin-color based upon the 1619 Project: disgraceful. It is time to begin to legally consider charging and holding parents accountable as accessors to the hate crimes their children commit toward others based upon ethnic, racial and bullying scenarios. Thus, if their children do the crime parents must do some time, because hatred is taught and exampled. Children do not enter the world hating others.

The Kyle Rittenhouse case is a classic example of a spiritually dysfunctional family unit. A mother drives a son with a military-style weapon across state lines to commit a crime against others, because they do not think like you; even though they have the same skin-tone. Rittenhouse kills two individuals and wounds a third, and the Former MAGA President invites him as a celebrity to visit with him in Mara Lago, Florida: shameful. Sadly, most GOP Voters praised Kyle Rittenhouse as a patriot giving him enormous sums of money for murder, but Godfearing Americans view this as insanity. Hopefully, this scripture is a stark reminder of what happens to the wicked: “The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish.” (Proverbs 14: 11).

Most Whites know exactly what they did to Indigenous Native Americans when they made them the minority. Likewise, Whites know exactly what they did to African Slaves the 1916 Project. Therefore, they do not ever desire to be in the minority in America, and therefore, they desire to exterminate potential future majorities by any means necessary (Replacement Theory). Consequently, a hate filled teenager with the phrase “Here’s Your Reparations” written on his assault rifle kills ten innocent grocery shoppers, and wounds three other shoppers while on a rampage in a Buffalo, New York Supermarket. This is insane unadulterated hatred buttressed by phrases such as “Jews Will Not Replace Us, Blacks Will Not Replace Us, and other minorities will not replace us. America, know this God works out all things for good for them that love Him (TRUTH): “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world: but that the world through him might be saved.” (John 3: 17). America let’s take a sure thing because all things are possible through and with God. Amen.





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