September 27, 2023

From the family of teen killed across the street from Lamar High School


Family Statement

De’Lindsey Dwayne Mack.

Monday, November 19, 2018

HOUSTON, TX.  November 16, 2018 – On November 16 ,2018, De’Lindsey Dwayne Mack, 18, was shot multiple times as he walked on Bammel Lane during Lamar’s first lunch period around 12:15 p.m., the Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner. It appears the shooter was sending a message, “Once the suspect fired upon the male and female, the male went down. The suspect stood over De’Lindsey and fired more shots,” Finner said.

This was a horror that the family did not see coming.  This is something that will change their lives forever.  These parents were now forced to live with the reality that their beloved son is never coming home again.  To compound the pain they are currently experiencing, the family has endured several people falsely purporting to be a spokesperson for the family.  The family would like to clarify that the only approved spokesperson for the family is the family’s Pastor, Senior Pastor of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. DZ Cofield. 

The family would like to clear up some of the misconceptions that have been relayed about the character of their son. And to remind parents that in this age of technology, that we have to parent in a different way,  You have to parent with the reality that now it is not just about watching them physically and mentally now you have to watch any image that your child puts out through social media, especially when it doesn’t reflect them accurately.  Often times children project an image that they glorify and not their reality.  Just a few wrong strokes on a computer can cost a child their life. 


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