September 24, 2023

From the Classroom to the Cafeteria

From the Classroom to the Cafeteria

HOUSTON – At my previous school (Dowling Middle School), I noticed the kids would never pray for their food. I can understand not praying in the classroom everyday because of everyone views. But not praying over your food before you eat it is risky behavior in my book. You never know what kind of things could happen especially while you’re eating.

In the morning at breakfast, I know for a fact that the lunch ladies are in a rush and sometimes they just barely heat the breakfast up and give it to you. Sadly, it isn’t always heated to the correct temperature. This is why it’s important to bless your food. Pray that it is helpful not harmful to the body. At the beginning of the day we are given a moment of silence… I believe that everyone should take this moment of silence and whisper a little prayer it seems like the only time that the school allow kids to pray is when the STAAR test is coming. I believe that prayer is needed before the test!

On the same day, I’ve noticed classmates pray that God will allow them to pass the test but then get to the cafeteria for lunch and just began shoveling food down their mouth and have not even thanked Him for that. It’s hard to blame my peers for bad behavior of this matter, because I too used to act accordingly but after being taught how to be thankful I am mindful of my manners and blessings. I encourage all of my friends to pray for their self as well as their food. And to anyone reading this article… Give thanks to God for He is good.

– Psalm 113:3

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’s name is to be praised.

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