September 28, 2023

From dancer to phlebotomist to independent artist: The rise of Houston’s ‘Da Pink Celebrity’

By: Nevaeh Richardson

Sharlene Dismuke, more commonly known by her stage name, Da Pink Celebrity, is a pioneer in unforgettable looks. Her brightly colored hair predates Nicki Minaj and is still her trademark today.

If you haven’t heard of Houston’s ‘Da Pink Celebrity,’ you’re missing out, because this business-minded artist is rising to the top.

The native Houstonian grew up in the ‘Dead End’ area of Crestmont Park, but ‘Pink’ was determined not to let her situation be the end of her.

Pink was one of six kids raised by a single mother and she had to learn to grow up fast in South Park. Leaving the house at 16, she became a stripper and used her newfound source of income to help her family.

Pink started rapping professionally in 2002, but her love for the art goes back to her days in school where she would often freestyle. As an independent female artist in Houston, Pink found herself struggling with men in the industry who pretended to want to help but had dishonest intentions. It was then that Pink decided to launch her own platforms so that she could finance her projects.

One of her most well-known projects is the “Pink Stunnas,” a group of entrepreneurs in the Houston and Louisiana areas known for their exciting pink vehicles. Pink founded the project in 2003 and it allowed people to approach and want to get to know her and her music. It’s certainly a different mindset than asking people to listen to your mixtape.


Though Pink lost access to a lot of her music after being manipulated by shady producers, she wasn’t afraid to start over. In 2017, she released her first single, “Bang Bang.” Pink does her own marketing, promotion, and booking.  She also endorses several products, has an online boutique and is a powerhouse business professional in her own right.

Check out her latest moves on Instagram, in which she has a fanbase of a half million followers.

Da Pink Celebrity’s music is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms.


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