September 29, 2023

First COVID-19 testing site opens in Fort Bend County

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Fort Bend County Judge KP George and Fort Bend County Health & Human Services Director and Local Health Authority Dr. Jacquelyn Johnson Minter, in coordination with OakBend Medical Group, have announced the first COVID-19 testing site in Fort Bend County.

“Oakbend Medical Group is launching the first COVID-19 testing site in Fort Bend County. We are proud to support this effort for the well-being of our residents. This is yet another example of the great work of one of our major Fort Bend community partners, OakBend Medical Group,” said County Judge KP George. “For those seeking to be tested, it is important the guidelines and protocols are followed to ensure a smooth process.”

Effective Thursday, March 26, 20 20, OakBend Medical Group will conduct COVID-19 Testing if, and only if, the patient meets the following criteria:

· Initial criteria for the COVID-19 Testing will require a Telehealth visit:

· A telehealth visit will be instituted by calling 281-238-7870

· Our Medical staff will schedule a visit via tele health

· The patient will be screened during the Telehealth visit for criteria that suggests a possible positive COVID-1

· Criteria for COVID-19 Testing:

· Patients must have symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) AN D/OR have one of the following risk factors:

· Older than 65 years old

· People who have serious underlying health conditions (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease/asthma, HIV, immunocompromised)

· Healthcare workers with suspected exposure

· COVID-19 testing is 8am – lpm with the numbers of tests limited

· All tests must have an order from the telehealth visit

· Test Results take 24-48 hours

· COVID-19 testing will be charged to patient insurance for patients that have Medicare, Medicaid or Commercial insurance. For self-pay patients the cost of the test is $100 at the time of service. Patients m ust pay by credit/ debit card prior to arriving for the COVID-19 testing.

· The patient will be given instructions by the provider’s office to come to the testing

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