September 30, 2023


When you maintain your version of reality after it is contradicted by an avalanche of facts, you are delusional, living in “La La Land.” One fact is worth a shipload of loud-mouthed declarations.

One UNDENIABLE fact is that fat meat is always greasy, without exception.

No matter how many women you test for pregnancy, the rate of positive pregnancy tests will not increase among the women whose eggs have not been fertilized. If she has not been playing doctor/nurse, there will not be a star in the east or west.

My friend and his wife were at a motel in Beaumont, Texas and he asked the front desk clerk how they sterilized for COVID-19 and the reply was that they didn’t because the virus was nothing but a mild flu. My friend gathered his wife and swiftly checked out of the motel. The clerk was sincerely wrong and/or delusional.

Herman “I WILL NOT COMPLY” Cain, 2012 Presidential candidate, is in a hospital trying to recover from the mild flu. Mr. DENIAL was an unforgiving and staunch accomplice to the unsound belief that the virus and its impact was a hoax to keep the country and economy from reopening.

Thus, we have a lack of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We have an educational system that promotes lofty goals, but the learning objectives are met by memorization and rote learning. Real learning is the application of classroom knowledge to solve problems in the real world.

The mandatory mask order is an attempt to keep us alive and check the damage that this virus can and will do. It is formulated by responsible governmental leadership after evaluating the best science available. Governor Greg Abbott did not believe that fat meat was greasy and now he is crawfishing, admitting that the State of Texas reopened to soon. Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida is crawfishing and is also admitting that the State of Florida reopened too soon. Magical thinking is a poor substitute for the scientific expertise of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the surgeon general, Dr. Jerome Adams.

Following the science, ignoring the noise and focusing on the signal was the beacon light that led Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan out of the darkness. Leadership had to make a good decision and impart to the people the best practices of public health. Once the people trust the leadership and act on the recommendations of experts, things can change for the better.

New York is no longer the epicenter of the COVID infections and death because Governor Andrew Cuomo and the leadership silenced the Tin Man and won the confidence of the people to social distance, avoid mass gatherings, wear masks and sanitize by washing hands. The epicenter has shifted to Texas and Florida, red states where governors were militant about not having their First Amendment rights treaded upon.

We thought that education and science were supposed to be a check on ignorance and a break on stupidity, but we were wrong. Therefore, the body count must unnecessarily and exponentially increase.


Twitter and other forms of social media are not a substitute for critical thinking and problem solving. The virus is thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand. Masks contain the virus blast from coughing and sneezing.

Clusters of little curvy 36-24 -36 honeys with daisy dukes are on the Almeda strip without masks. The admiring brothers seeking to score [i]are without masks. Momma and grandmother will be sitting ducks when they return home.

This country is up against militant ignorance and crushing stupidity. We can win this battle, preventing a half million unnecessary deaths. But as County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Mayor Sylvester Turner said, we have got to be PROACTIVE and not wait until the hospital beds are full.

My message is that FAT MEAT IS GREASY without exception.


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