September 27, 2023

Engineer-Designed Death Trap-Freeways in Houston

To: All Elected Officials and leaders of Northeast Houston:

The engineer(s) paid by the State of Texas that deliberately designed the “death trap” exits and entrances along the Loop 610 East Freeway, should face legal action.

It is mind boggling to see that absolutely nothing has been done to correct the poorly designed and dangerous death traps at the Loop 610 East/Kirkpatrick exits and entrances that have already killed people, even though many news stations have covered the fatal accidents that have occurred at these locations.

Engineer Designed Death Traps along Loop 610 East

1. Engineer designed one of the most dangerous three-lane mergers on Loop 610 East @ Hwy. 59 North before the northbound Lockwood exit
2. Engineer designed death trap at the dangerous eastbound exit from Loop 610 East @ Homestead
3. Engineer designed death trap at the dangerous westbound exit from Loop 610 North at Homestead
4. Engineer designed death trap at the dangerous westbound entrance onto Loop 610 North @ Kirkpatrick
5. Engineer designed death trap at the dangerous eastbound exit from Loop 610 West & Kirkpatrick
6. Engineered designed death trap second most dangerous three-lane merger eastbound towards the ship channel on Loop 610 East @ Interstate 10 East Freeway before the Turning Basin exit
7. Engineered designed death trap at the entrance from Clinton Drive onto Loop 610 North
8. It is completely dark underneath both overpasses at 26A on Loop 610 east/west freeway. No lighting underneath 2 overpasses at exit 26A on Loop 610 east and westbound creates a very dangerous situation for the high volume of heavy truck traffic and regular commuters in this area.
9. No “Accident Investigation Sites” on Loop 610 in east Houston
10. Overpasses poorly maintained-need to be power washed, painted, grass cut, and trash removed.

Many motorists have been involved in life altering accidents along each of these sections of the Loop 610 East Freeway and some have lost their lives.

Heavy Truck Operators and Regular Drivers forced to play Russian Roulette on Loop 610 East, poorly designed with multiple “Death Traps.”

-Dee Allen

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