September 30, 2023

Easy Mail Management: Carrying on the family business

By: Nevaeh Richardson

 Jenero Mitchell has been continuing the legacy his father started – keeping Easy Mail Management a staple in the Black community. He spoke to African-American News&Issues about what it’s like to compete against the corporate mailing services and how to keep his customer base coming back.

 AANI: How did you get your start in the mailing industry?

Mitchell: I got my start in the mailing industry by working alongside my dad. My dad founded the company back in 1990 and ever since he started the company, I’ve been by his side working and he showed me the ropes. He passed away five years ago, and I’ve taken over since his death.

AANI:  When I was reading up on the company, I saw a review of a customer that had been using your services for 20 years. As a smaller mailing service, would you say you provide a more intimate experience with customers? What is it about EZ Mail Management that produces loyal, lifelong customers?

Mitchell: One reason is, we make sure we listen to our customer’s needs. We make sure we do the job right, on time, the first time, no hassle, so they can always feel comfortable coming back to us and normally that’s how we receive our referrals.

AANI: What are some of the obstacles you face as a smaller Black-owned business when competing with bigger and more well-known mail services?

Mitchell: As a small business owner, I realize that a lot of people like to go to corporate mailing services because they have the experience and the knowledge… with myself, I go out and I market myself and let people know that even though I’m a small business owner, I could still give them competitive prices and also give them the best type of service that they need.

AANI: What were some of the obstacles, if any, that your business faced during the pandemic? Was there any growth? Decline?

Mitchell: Actually, what I saw was, some of my clients were no longer with me during the pandemic… I also received a lot more clients during the pandemic, and so it evened out where I was able to stay in business and never had to close my doors.

AANI: How do you think the Black community can better support smaller Black-owned businesses like yours?

Mitchell: We have to stick together, and we have to trust one another as well and understand that if we work together, we could accomplish a lot of great things in putting our money back into Black industries.

AANI: Reading about the company, I saw that your father founded EZ Mail Management with the intention of building a legacy and being a successful businessman. What is your advice to new Black-owned business owners who are also looking to be successful and build legacies?

Mitchell: One of the things I always say is “you can’t be successful making excuses.” So with that being said, stick with the vision, don’t give up, keep the faith, and know that sometimes it’s going to get hard, but always understand that you can overcome those if you just stay in it and stay with your plan.


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