September 22, 2023

Don’t Drink the Kool Aid

Some men and women can be put under a spell when they have a low image of themselves and their powers and talents. Charlatans, demagogues, con men are always on the prowl searching for people to dupe. They might be in the men’s room with a cologne spray and a shiny Rolex for sale. These salesmen of advancement might be in the department store parking lot with a miracle weight loss tablet or a discounted iPad in an unopened box. They know that hidden in people’s hearts and minds is a desire to get something for nothing. The salesmen with the trinkets are purveyors of hope.

This is the consequence of elevating Faith over reason, that is, denying that there is a good reason for your head to be on top. Rather than believing the oncologist, many patients will fall under the spell of a Faith healer and buy worthless oils and remedies. Many will be multi-level marketers with Ponzis.  Many of these miracle workers will convince some suffering souls to throw away their back braces, walkers and wheelchairs. They will be raptured and fractured.

These wolves can be in the pulpit or the statehouse. They have always preyed off sheep who are looking for a control center outside of themselves. Eric Hoffer, in the blockbuster, “The True Believer” explains that the targets of the true believer can be “chronically bored, physically disabled, perpetually ill, talentless, criminals-sinners.”

Almost with exception, across cultures and political movements, these false prophets make the future the Heavenly city with streets of gold and denigrate the present world as a place full of sin.  Often if you greet these potential victims by saying “it’s a beautiful day,” they respond by saying “what’s beautiful about it?”

For these movements of domination to be successful, they do not need a God, but they must have a devil.  In Hitler’s Germany – it was the Jews, in Rwanda – it was the Tutsis, in the present USA – it is the “China virus,” immigrants of color and Black people who allegedly want to destroy the white folks’ suburban Camelot.

Many believe that Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are pedophiles and control a cabal of Senators and Congressmen who are dedicated “Illuminati.” They are living the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. “Q“ becomes their primary source for validation.

Fanatics will notice this hole in people’s soul. They will note that they have unmet needs, social and psychological. Fanatical leaders will notice that the people have wrinkles in their bellies and that their historical heroes have lost their aura. John Wayne “the Duke” and Rock Hudson have fallen from grace.

I ask you to believe and empower yourselves. De Coy and I beg you to stop running from temple to temple. Stop running from ideology to ideology and undergird your mentality with reason. Stop flipping.

Once you get twisted and depart from reason, once you become poor in spirit and poor in provisions to take care of yourself and family, then the soil becomes fertile for the MAGA movement.

Hoffer explains that the MAGA leader will attempt to use the slime of frustrated souls to build a new world. Solomon admonishes, “surely in vain, the net is spread in the sight of any bird.”


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