September 24, 2023

Dear Con Man: You have a heart problem!

Three Card Molly is an urban con game. Usually two outlaws work together and offer you silk toilet paper to finish your bathroom hygiene. “Con man” is short for confidence man. All con men are in love with their own reflection and are sociopaths at heart. They value their own interest, not yours –faking caring without real empathy. Three Card Molly is a bait and switch scheme that operates on the cuts. It consists of nice guys lavishly bestowing praise on you for being so intelligent. You will discover the mystery card two out of three times, but on the third attempt, the mystery card disappears quicker than you can say Poof. Pray that the purse that you squandered is not your rent money or your high blood pressure medication money.

Governor Mario Cuomo of NYC said that New Yorkers can spot a con man. Confidence men sell wolf tickets, wooden nickels, counterfeit money and cotton candy dreams.

Casinos are basically CON outfits run by CON men. White noise and enrapturing enticements corral styled buffets and honeys flashing twin peaks. One-armed bandits and a 1-800 number for those who get too full and order desert. Break the boredom when you receive your Social Security check and I will provide a free bus to bring you to me and see the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

Remember that CON Men are sociopaths at heart. Many sociopaths are magicians, but all magicians are not sociopaths. They don’t smoke or drink, but they lie faster than a Tennessee Walker can trot. They have a cheating heart that can’t stand the truth. Smiling faces, they don’t tell you the truth. Your enemy can’t do you no harm because you know where he is coming from. From the bully pulpit, the stable genius with zilch med school credentials says…….

“Corona Virus is the flu, not a PANDEMIC, we have it under control.”

“It will be gone in 15 days.”

“There are enough testing kits and there is enough Personal Protective Equipment.”

“Let’s reopen the country by Easter Sunday and get the country moving.”

History is replete with CON Men who convince you that they can kill a dead tree stump. The Titanic was a superpower and impregnable, but it didn’t have enough lifeboats or life vests – Personal Protective Equipment. I am reminded of a great Virginian and MAGA general who told General Hooker to restore his division after a battle at an unknown cut and shoot town called Gettysburg and prepare for another attack. General Hooker replied, “Sir, my division has eaten so much blue steel and Cannonballs, they are NO MORE.”

“Nightingale” songstress Nancy Wilson says that she was CONNED by a lover that only loved himself, but thank GOD, she found out in time.

Remember that in the Gospels, the Master Physician told Simon the Magician, my daddy invented Card games, put the spots on dominoes, you have got a Heart problem!

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