September 27, 2023

Criminal Justice

By: Roy Douglas Malonson

Hypocrisy at its finest: What a White man can get away with, a Black man would get lynched for half, and this “unspoken but well understood” rule of thumb is something that African Americans have been aware of for generations. And White people know it too, they just once pretended to ignore it, that is, until their “Proud Boy” criminal-in-chief Donald Trump became president of the United States of America. It’s been hell ever since.

We want you think about something. Imagine if Barack Obama did or said half the things Trump did, the country’s first Black president would have been impeached — with MORE than enough votes to kick him out of the White House — or even assassinated while Trump keeps getting passes for no other reason than he was born rich – AND WHITE!

The world of Trump is CRIMINAL and goes against all of the JUSTICE that Obama was feverishly working to bring to America.

A revisit of all of the atrocious and egregious acts Trump committed while in office shows how racist this country is – and how much racism certain “shades” of political leaders are willing to turn a blind eye to in order to protect one of their own.

Republicans – we are talking about you!

Trump has been wreaking havoc on America even before he became president, but his “rock star” celebrity status – with no political background – made him a “Teflon Don” Godfather that Francis Ford Coppola could not even conceive.

The last four years have seen Trump commit one offense after another, with no Republicans willing to speak up or out against him, for fear of retaliation from him and his base, possibly losing their seats. It’s been a world none of us have ever witnessed before.

A world where clear audio is heard of him boasting about grabbing women by the pu***, but people still voted for him anyway.

A world where clear audio is heard of him admitting to a reporter that he knew the coronavirus was coming to America, but he chose to downplay the information and the deadly virus, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives.

A world where clear audio files are heard of him begging — downright bullying — officials to “find votes” for him so he can overturn the 2020 election – which he clearly lost.

But we are jumping ahead of ourselves, let’s take a walk down the last four years.

Under the Trump Administration/ Regime, we have experienced a government shutdown, and  hardworking men and women who have never been on public assistance found themselves unemployed, homeless and in food distribution lines while the former president worked on perfecting his golf swing.

Trump, in national White House press briefings, mocked the handicap, spouted various conspiracy theories about media “witch hunts” against him and even used racist “Kung-Flu” rhetoric about Asians, which is now causing an influx of brutal, some even deadly, unprovoked hate crime attacks against Asian Americans.

Trump shockingly threw rolls of paper towels to Puerto Ricans displaced by hurricanes, and RIPPED apart families trying to cross the border, leaving the children caged for years now, with some not having seen their mothers or fathers since being taken into custody, and likely will never again.

The man who claims this election was “stolen” from him, clearly has a case of selective amnesia of how he recruited foreign interference when having Russians get involved in his first presidential run against Hillary Clinton. And in the recent election against Joe Biden, he threatened to hold up military aid to a foreign nation — the Ukraine — unless they “dug up dirt” against Biden and his son.

If that had been Obama, the seat at the desk in the Oval Office would never had had a chance to warm up.

What if Obama flat-out refused to release his tax returns – – like Trump — then loaded the cabinet with appointees of his super-rich friends, family and in-laws who have no political experience, no training, no credentials, no empathy and definitely no connection to the common man all under the disguise of a “Drain the Swamp” motto which was nothing more than a smokescreen while he secured his own agenda.

What if Obama had a mistress-porn star by the name of “Stormy” – allegedly like Trump — and had his hot-shot lawyer pay for her silence? Obama’s Black bottom would never have been able to “weather” that storm.

If — under Obama’s watch — more than 200,000 Americans died from COVID-19, he would have been burned at the stake worse than a Salem witch.

If– under Obama’s watch — Russians placed bounties to have American soldiers killed, or craft assassination attempts against other opponents, he would have publicly demoralized, criticized and called weak, unlike Trump who could casually dismiss it without a statement.

If — under Obama’s watch — Black Lives Matters protesters (instead of Trump’s Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and insurrectionists) would have stormed Capitol Hill in a deadly assault and hide-and-seek quest for the Vice President and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, there would have been BLOOD EVERYWHEREBLACK BLOODBLACK LIVES ‘DON’T’ MATTER BLOODNEGRO BLOOD on OBAMA’S BLOODY BLACK HANDS.

Oh, but not when it comes to Trump. His “Lily White” hands remain clean in the eyes of the GOP.

Like John Lennon sang, “Imagine all the people, living for today. You may say I’m a dreamer…But I’m not the only one … I hope someday you’ll join us….And the world will be as one.”

This is no dream; we are all fighting hard to wake up from the nightmare of Trump’s America.

His criminal acts go unpunished and, as usual, no justice for us. God Bless the good old USA!



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