December 1, 2023

Congressman Al Green Denounces Mass Shooting in Buffalo, NY

(Houston, TX) — On Sunday, May 15, 2022, Congressman Al Green released the following statement:

“My prayers are with victims’ families and the entire Buffalo community. It is no longer enough for people who hold public office to be the loudest voices denouncing acts of violence and mass shootings. It’s time for chambers of commerce, the clergy, business owners, school boards, and people from all walks of life to denounce them as well. All purveyors of hate must be publicly denounced by the public. Although hate violence impacts some directly, it impacts everyone indirectly. Hate crimes and mass shootings impact people’s daily lives, as well as the American economy. If the American people fear losing their lives when they step out to the supermarket, gas station, go to school, eat at a restaurant, purchase clothing for their children, or attend local performances, they will limit going out. This will impact business revenue. Because hate crimes and mass shootings impact commerce, the business community has a duty to their consumers and to society to speak out against hate and white supremacy.”

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