September 27, 2023

COMMENTARY: The Attempted Great Desecration and Assault on Blacks

Let us talk about what tomorrow will look like. Many of us are amateur forecasters, venturing to handicap the future with a bet.  Will it be sunny or rain, will my team win the Super Bowl or who will prevail in a pivotal election?

There is a great misunderstanding in the land, especially in Texas. Let us remember that Texas, along with Louisiana and other states, seceded from the Union before Lincoln took office. Texas seceded in February of 1861. The reigning governor General Sam Houston thought that the coming war was stupid and refused to take an oath of allegiance to the rebel confederacy and was forced to resign.

We have been in a low-intensity war since white supremacists overturned Reconstruction. As Frederick Douglas the Great noted, sometimes the struggle is moral and sometimes the struggle is physical. My contention is that we have a new civil conflict looming, sometimes physical and always moral. Right now, we are riding in a slow-motion car crash that will accelerate into a Tiger Woods type crash.

The white supremacists have been smarting over their wounds, especially the ones that are dumb as a bag of hammers.

In Texas and the nation, Republican leaders have sensed that their publics have given them permission to turn back the hands of time. They have introduced 253 bills to restrict voting by people of color and their allies.

Stacey Abrams and the Georgia electoral phenomenon that shifted the Senate from red to blue has terrified them. Vice President Kamala Harris follows ex- President Barack Obama as an earthquake that frightens and makes them wet their pants.

They are getting ready to play themselves again. Let me explain. Their reactionary behavior, that is, secession in 1861 prepared the basis for the destruction of slavery. Once the train left the station, there was no gear to reverse the momentum. Their 2021 actions will prepare the basis for the destruction of the Republican Party and the strengthening of a fragile democracy. Let me be clear, the insurrection of January 6, 2021 at the capitol was motivated and incited by a fear of Black power and a robust democracy.  January 6 should be seen as a dress rehearsal for a self-violation and the castration of the white supremacists’ ideology and practice. The Black voter tide in Detroit, Philly and Atlanta was a tipping point to the weakened self-esteem of the white supremacy party and its leaders.

Terrifying to the Texas Republican Party are the following words and phrases.

  • Purple to blue
  • Voting Rights Act
    • Section 5 – states and localities with a history of race discrimination in voting were subject to “preclearance” of their voting polices by the Department of Justice.
    • Run changes in elections by the federal government and show that they were not discriminatory before putting them into effect.
      • Thus, King Abbot closing NRG stadium in 2020 as a voter drop location would have probably failed the legitimacy and non-discrimination test. Our county-Harris- is bigger than 11 states.
    • Automatic and Same day Voting Registration
    • Nationwide Early Voting

Never forget that the Biden-Harris victory has the zombies’ hell-bent on revenge. Their calculus is wrong. They will fail again… They will fail because we are going to out educate, organize, mobilize and vote. They will fail because we will mobilize all the people to do more than vote… The rest is for your imagination. 



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