September 29, 2023

Clarence, Check Your Eve

By: Omawale Luthuli Allen

Most fables are pregnant with truth.

Being black is more than skin analysis, more than Genotype. It is culture and consciousness. It is fighting for Black futures and democracy. I nor you should be the arbiter of who is Black and who is not. However, we can be firm about Eve rallying with a fallen angel to overthrow the government of the United States

Moving away from the metaphors and hyperbole, Ginni Thomas has gone completely rogue by plotting to overthrow the government and a constitutionally pure election. I am not asking George Conway to check Kelly Anne alternative facts Conway because George did not and could not decide to negate the Bush Gore election results. Neither was George able to vote to block opening the presidential archives to the January 6 commission for fear of evidence coming to light about criminal wrongdoing by the fallen angel. Ginni Eve has been taking money from Beelzebub and right wing conservative smooth brain groups aiming at overthrowing the United States government.

In the Biblical myth (there was never a real Adam or Eve), only personifications of spiritual forces. But the Eve principle didn’t know who to talk to or when to shut up. The Adam principle didn’t know how to check a Ginni Eve in paradise and who didn’t fear their boss. This disrespect of her husband and fascination with the deceiver led her to partake of forbidden fruit.

Forbidden fruit for Ginni Eve was the sanctity of the constitutional document, which governed an orderly transition of power for over 250 years for the citizens of the United States. Are we to believe that chief justice Clarence didn’t know that his wife was conspiring with chief of staff Mark Meadows as 29 text messages were exchanged? Are we to believe that Justice Thomas was unaware that his lovely Eve was sending Sunday school lessons to her holy drones? Are there religious mandates in your Wizard book that speak of a theocracy in America.

No, Justice Thomas I doubt that you were hospitalized for COVID. Maybe for Eve stress and HTN. Maybe you were bitten by the Pennsylvania Avenue fox. Now that your fever has broken. Check Eve.

A grown man and husband of twenty-five years must know that his Eve was attending the January 6, Stop the Steal insurrection. Some of the Stop the Steal zealots wanted to hang VP Mike Pence and Speaker Pelosi. They even erected gallows on the lawn and defecated in the Capitol.

An angel with a flaming sword was placed East of Eden to prevent Adam and his crew from ever entering again.

Clarence, wipe off that oatmeal grin and recuse yourself from any cases dealing with the January 6 events and outcome. Take the keys and keep them. Impound Eve’s Mustang and follow the money that is her purse and your joint bank account.

Love Eve, but also check her so that she doesn’t destroy democracy. And now we know why Clarence and Ginni Eve should be driven out of the Pennsylvania Avenue Garden because they are sowing corrupt weeds.

These words have a flavor of hateration, but this confusion that we have is not just the game, it is also the players in the game.  The game is designed to produce black futures. American Futures because All Lives Matter.

Now, I am thinking impeachment. Now, I am thinking that Clarence is really a mannequin or puppet and should resign. Eve should have learned more at magician’s school. Eve, give him a sign and a blessed Good-bye for the sake of Democracy.

Stop living a puny life.




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